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This time last week I made a cryptic reference to stuff that might be happening here in chez Jem – because I know how much people like cryptic posts and don’t find them in the least bit annoying ;)

Well, I think I’m probably OK to spill the beans now… I am returning to work. Proper work. Not in my pyjamas work. (Just kidding, I get dressed every morning. Eventually.) I have been offered the senior web developer position at the marketing agency I used to work for, which includes a pay rise (which I’d like to say would be blown on cheesecake but will be spent on childcare, yay!) a new job title and responsibility of a person. Oooh~

I’ve been thinking about returning to work outside of the home since before Christmas. While financially I’ve had an amazing 18 months or so – which was probably more luck than anything else – I have been slowly losing my mind at the isolation and lack of peer support. In fact if I’m honest, my post in July about missing working outside the home was probably the beginning of the end.

So err, there we go? :) Guess I make a sucky WAHM after all.

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  1. Audrey said:

    This is recognizing who you are and accepting it — NOT failure or suckitude! You’re more than a mom and more than a worker. You’re Jem and you have your own path in life.

    Good luck with the changes — all the best wishes.

  2. Raisa said:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome news. :D

    I read the post you linked. It’s a fear of mine that I wouldn’t be able to give my future kids my all since I’m always gonna want a career. I’ve been told you can’t have both and there’s always this pressure around me that I have to give up my aspirations eventually if/when my husband and I have kids.

    • Jem said:

      Thanks :)

      I think kids are more resilient than many would have you believe. While staying at home is nice, I don’t think taking 5 years+ out of a career is a necessity to raise healthy, happy children.

      I certainly don’t think one can “have it all” but I’ll give it a damn good go ;)

  3. tehya said:

    its not that easy being a wahm is it? my problem was that my son was growing up behind my back i was very lucky -right time,right place etc and i sold my client base for a decent price :) enjoy yourself, and dont let anyone guilt trip you about working/kids/daycare -they will enjoy mixing with other kids
    good luck out there! omg conversations with adults about adult topics-you can still do that right? lol ;P

  4. Meggan said:

    Oh! I missed this somehow! Congratulations!

    I think this will be a positive change for you, for a variety of reasons. Like you, I also don’t enjoy the lack of peer support inherent in freelancing – like, if something blows up, I literally have NOBODY I can call to help me and that makes me super panicky. And there’s nobody to bounce ideas off of, or help you clarify your thoughts on something.

    Plus, you won’t be as stressed, I think. Trying to juggle WAHM-ness with the actual caring for children is SO DANGED HARD and you have been doing a fantastic job of it, but I’m guessing it’ll be nice to have that work/home thing a little more separate.

  5. Cassie said:

    a) congrats! yay for job opportunities!
    b) i like that you said you get dressed daily … ‘eventually’ lol
    c) working outta home in my opinion does not make you a sucky WAHM at all just because you went a different route/plan :)

    ps: i normally don’t comment in bullet points or w.e but apparently i needed to here today lol. okay xoxox