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When I was approached about reviewing Silly Slippeez, the first thing that crossed my mind was “do these come in adult sizes?” I like to call it being in touch with my inner child. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it) they only do children’s sizes. My feet continue un-slippeezed :(

Anyway, intrigued, I requested a pair of the Dizzy Dinosaur slippers in Isabel’s size (Extra Small) and then waited, somewhat worried what Izz would make of them as she’s easily spooked at the minute (I’m assuming it’s normal preschooler behaviour to suddenly be afraid of ogres and monsters and thinks that don’t exist!)

I had to wait longer than usual to see if I was going to give my daughter nightmares because the mega snow last month caused them to get caught up at the post office. Boo!


When we finally got the Silly Slippeez home, they were inspected with some trepidation and then ignored. Uh oh, that wasn’t what I was expecting. Meanwhile I had a play (as you do) and was fascinated to see how they worked… it’s some sort of air pocket that squishes air into the flappy bits as the pressure is applied by walking?

Nearly ready to consign the slippers to the ‘no’ heap, I started packing the slippers up & out of nowhere Izz appeared and insisted that actually, she liked them. Rather randomly demanding I help her put them on, she started stomping around the front room laughing her head off as the dino head flapped about.

isabel wearing silly slippeez

It was only by pointing out that they wouldn’t work again if they got wet that we managed to persuade her she couldn’t wear them in the bath. They followed her to bed that night and into nursery the next day for show and tell. I’m not sure how well received they were by the other children but I gather the nursery staff were rather amused by them! :) A late success then.

My only concern with the slippers — from a paranoid parent point of view — was the height of them; however, when they’re walked on this does reduce and there is an elasticated ankle strap to keep them on the feet.

I’m thinking of getting a pair for my nephew for his birthday in May as he’s so hard to buy for, the only trouble now is deciding which pair to get.

(The Silly Slippeez are available in 4 designs from Find Me a Gift: Shark, Zebra, Dinosaur and Kitty. They’re currently on sale at £13.99 but we received ours for free.)

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  1. Kris said:

    :O You sure they don’t do adult sized ones?
    I uh…have…a…”friend” that is interested…. he said to say “Kris’ birthday is coming up…” :D

  2. Holland said:

    I saw a commercial for these a few weeks ago and looked them up online. They’re called Stompeez here in the US, and the company has horrendous reviews. Negative rating from the BBB as a result. I had considered ordering a pair for myself until I saw the reviews. I am a sad :c

  3. Maria said:

    well to be honest with you I would be in doubt to give those to anyone as their birthday gift. I mean if a person is so difficult to give a gift to then giving this item could be quite risky. I usually go with experience gifts in cases like that. but this is just my personal opinion.
    The slippers are cute but again – definitely not for everyone.. And I somehow feel that they might wear and tear pretty easily. It would be valuable to hear from you again now, after so many months – are they still “working”?

    • Jem said:

      Nope, one of the slippers popped not long after I posted. I meant to post a follow-up but never got round to it. I’ll add it to my todo list!