Small Furry Disaster

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Anyone got any recipes for rabbit stew? Someone’s been a very bad rabbit.


After moving the rabbit and guinea pig hutches up to the gap at the back of the top lawn (I know this means nothing to you unless you’ve seen my garden) last month, we’ve been able to give Flymo access to the garden. The ‘dog leg’, our weird little sticky out bit of garden where I grow my veg, was secured using an old gate from the front and any gaps blocked with wood and concrete bits.

Or so we thought…

Turns out rabbits can dig holes much faster than we imagined. So when we went out for the day and came back to a large pile of mud by the gate and a rabbit-sized hole to the dog leg we were a little err… surprised? Surprise turned to mega annoyance when I realised that the little shit had not only dug a big hole but had hot-footed it down to my veg beds where laziness had meant that my tomatoes, beans, peas etc were only just shooting up. Tiny little rabbit-snack sized shoots. He has demolished everything bar my garlic, and dug big holes in the soil too.

Unfortunately as we weren’t expecting the rabbit to be in the dog leg we’d not secured it and so Flymo had got out. But, fortunately for Flymo, next door’s garden (where he’d escaped to) was secure on all sides apart from the tiny holes under the fence to our garden so he’d not managed to go far. Even luckier was the fact that next door and his dog had gone out so the garden was empty. We called Flymo a few times who then raced up next door’s garden and started lolloping up and down alongside the fence. One rescue later (including me in my PJs climbing through a partially dismantled fence with a cat carrier) and he’s back where he should be.

Lesson learned: no more unsupervised garden time until we can be sure the garden is 100% secure. Shame about the no home grown veg for me this year though :(

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  1. Chantal said:

    I’m sorry about your veg Jem! Although I have to admit I chuckled a bit when reading this because I had an idea where this was leading… party time for the rabbit!

    Look at the bright side; at least one of you enjoyed home grown veg this year..

  2. Mumblies said:

    The only way forward is to get some chicken wire and dig a slot below the surface and bury the chicken wire in a couple of inches down then press the soil back down and staple the wire back up the fence as well. Once Flymo has dug down so far and realised he can’t get out he will stop digging there. Of course this will have to be done around the entire garden edges to work properly. Either that or restrict him to a run made of chicken wire on all sides including the one on the floor to prevent his digging out from Colditz.

  3. Kelly said:

    Mumbles suggestion of chicken wire at the bottom of the run works well. Tried digging down wire in an allotment once, worked really well until local rabbits discovered they could squeeze through the gaps in the wire!

    Also, great related posts. “Stuff I grew” and “meal plans”, rabbit farm in the making?

  4. Marge said:

    Bad bunny! Now I would try telling it off but that is because when it comes to the small, furry and bunnular I go a bit silly *ahem*

    Perhaps you could contact and ask for their advice. They know everything about all things rabbity