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Quick Product Mention: B&Q Mega Playmat

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We nipped to B&Q yesterday to get some bits to finish boarding the animal shed for winter and, as is the nature of any shopping trip, ended up buying things we didn’t plan on. One of the things we bought was the B&Q mega playmat to replace the aging and unravelling (thanks to a certain bunny) IKEA one I bought when Izz was a baby:


I’m mentioning it because it is a) the biggest playmat I’ve seen for that money (£12) and b) the kids not only played on it together but did so for a good couple of hours which is basically unheard of in this house. Unfortunately it looks like you can’t buy it online but it’s worth keeping an eye out for (with Christmas coming?) if you’ve got a local B&Q. :)

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6 comments so far

  1. Aisling said:

    OH MAN OH MAN I AM SO STOKED FOR THIS IT LOOKS AMAZING. No offense to the last one but there was NOWHERE TO GO and what kind of town has a street that turns into a race track?! Ugh. This is much better and more realistic. Good job.

  2. Amelie said:

    Ahahaha, been looking for a suitable playmat for D for some time, this looks ideal :D *Adds to Christmas list*

    And there’s a B&Q just round the corner, oooooh

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