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10 months (nearly)

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Oliver is 10 months old on Wednesday next week. 10 months since I ‘blackmailed’ the midwives into letting me birth at the local MLU. Still chuckle at that.

We appear to be in 9 month sleep regression mode. He’s gone from easily settling down of an evening to taking 20+ minutes just to stop fidgeting. When he stirs overnight for a feed, instead of rooting around half asleep, his eyes are now wide open & he tries to sit up; it takes longer to get him to settle back down even with boob.

I put him in the cotbed last night, which is attached to the side of the bed at the same level so is effectively an extension of the existing sleep surface (not that you need an extension on a super king size bed, but whatever). The thought was that he might not get woken up by my fidgeting quite so much (happens regularly). This was a good theory, but would only work in practice if I’d not just dragged him over to me when he woke for boob the first time.

Naps are all over the place too. I’ve actually taken to giving him time to settle in bed with me and if that doesn’t work sticking him in our knackered old emergency buggy with a black towel pegged around it to block the light, and brumming him back and forth across the bedroom floor. It’s probably not what these things are intended for but it’s got to get some use I suppose.

Still, I can forgive his sleep-avoidance, because now we’re getting to the stage of parenting that I actually like.

I know that sounds dreadful. It’s not like I actively dislike small babies… they’re yummy and smell nice and generally are cute and mostly quiet and stay where you put them. But they’re BORING. Because they’re cute and mostly quiet and stay where you put them!

Now we get mischief and grins and participation in conversation: actively listening for a punchline and then chuckling even though he hasn’t really got a clue what you’re on about. Anticipation of familiar parts of our daily ‘routine’. Active enjoyment of new foods and already, clear preferences too; he likes banana – to the point where, if I get one out of the fruit bowl, he starts waving his arms around and huffing and puffing BUT he doesn’t like foods that make his hands slimy or overly sticky. E.g. give him mash potatoes and he starts flicking his hands about to shake it off. That’ll be solved once he’s figured out cutlery, and in the mean time we take cover.

There’s been some interesting developments (the details of which I’m saving for another post) in the jemjabella household over the past couple of weeks which means that coming soon I should have more time to dedicate to my cheeky boy AND time to get work done without worrying about the two interrupting each other. In the mean time, here’s a picture to tide you over:


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  1. Mumblies said:

    Did he try to eat this weird snow stuff? Most kids do. Love that he has a wooden spoon there with him to dig. You do realise that encouraging him to dig now may cause havoc in your veggie garden later don’t you ;) I know what you mean about babies of this age and onwards… they are such fun.

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