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Work In Progress: Conversion

 |  WordPress is a website / web page reviewing community. Launched in 2008, it was designed and developed specifically to help web designers, developers and hobbyist webmasters receive critical feedback for their website projects.

As part of a larger package of updates and new features coming to the site, I have been plotting a conversion to WordPress to take advantage of built in user and content management functionality.


Using custom content types I have been able to replicate the Website and Review listings, with specially designed pages implemented in the relevant places taking advantage of the WordPress Template Heirarchy. Reviews are associated to the right website using the post_parent field.


Next, I will be creating custom user roles to power the member, ‘star’ member and moderator user sets. These will eventually be tied into bbPress which will be powering the new official forum; this will also allow me to port over the existing private messaging system features.

The real trick will be getting to grips with the right hooks to integrate the ‘points’ members earn when they participate… watch this space!

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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