What a bloody morning

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Had only been in work 5 minutes when Karl calls to say that Isabel has been sick and nursery want us to pick her up. Spend 20 minutes trying to get hold of a) my boss, b) a client I was supposed to meeting at 10:30, c) Karl to arrange for me to go home with Izz, only for my mum to offer to look after Isabel, so then have to spend another 20 minutes undoing the planning/cancelling etc.

Head off for meeting at 10am, giving myself an extra 10 minutes than I should’ve needed because it was my first time driving to a meeting(!!!) and making full use of it when I took a wrong turn at a roundabout and ended up driving around the wrong half of an industrial estate. Call work, get redirected the right way, only end up 5 minutes late with a very warm car that doesn’t like 2nd gear (v. noisy).

Meeting took twice as long as I thought, so came away very hungry and desperate for a pee (should’ve gone before I left); detour to a local shop to get lunch only to park and then realise I’d left my purse (thus money) at work! ARGH. Back to work, no money in my purse, so had to scrounge a couple of quid to get a sarnie from the bloody cafĂ© next door (for them to tell me I’m “visibly waddling” today – gee thanks!)

I’ve got raging heartburn from leaving it too long between ‘meals’, 8 hours work to fit into 2 hours and 2 new jobs have just been plonked on my desk for quoting on.


update 7:41pm: like my day needed to get worse… turns out Isabel really is ill, and I’ve smacked the car into the bloody gatepost again. Anyone else want to throw any shit at me today?!

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  1. Mumblies said:

    As I have many times said… if you get stuck and need a sitter then call me first you big nana! I have sod all else to do most days and love spending time with Izz.