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After a shaky start with The Well Hung Meat Company I didn’t think I’d be writing about them some 6 months on to tell you how much I’m enjoying having guilt-free meat (it’s organic, and the animals are grass fed) regularly delivered.

For starters, it goes to show that when a company makes an effort to reach out to customers to fix issues they raise that it can make the world of difference. Here I am, sat wearing my complimentary Well Hung Meat apron (what? it helps create a foody atmosphere. shut up.) whilst Googling for recipes for inspiration on what to do with the massive pork shoulder that arrived in my shiny silver meat box yesterday.

More importantly it has been a proof of concept for me: proof that I can afford to eat top quality meat without compromising on quality, simply by eating meat less often and making the most of what I get. I can’t remember the last time I only got one meal out of a piece of meat (and you should hear the ribbing I get from certain colleagues because of my left-over lunches, ha!)

I still find their website a little awkward to use — am in the midst of trying to edit my regular order to base it off their Household Staples box, but couldn’t seem to get everything off my old regular order first — but I think that’s the web developer in me being a grump. Plus, who knows, perhaps the sirloin steak I scoffed down last night with help my wonky iron levels… fingers crossed.

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  1. Martina said:

    That’s great – meat coming to you. There isn’t anything similar in Germany.

    BUT: you can just drive to the next ….organic grocery store, or even every bigger non-discounter-supermarket and get your organic food from there. (about 10 minutes with car) Means, we did not eat anything else than controlled organic food for the last 10 years. I cannot buy other meat anymore or even milk from “normal” cows. I just can’t.
    I don’t want to 1) eat antibiotics every time I eat meat and 2) want the animals to have seen green juicy grass their whole life.

  2. Sara said:

    I’ve used the Well Hung Meat Company for one order and to be honest the amount of packaging and no doubt costs associated with it and the delivery made me realise that it would be easier on the environment and my wallet to buy organic meat from my local butcher. I’d rather help keep his business afloat and I also question the provenance of meat labelled as organic in the big supermarkets given what can end up in their beef burgers. My other issue with The Well Hung Meat Company was their automatic order renewal and they way they make it impossible to cancel orders online or reduce orders to nil – it smacks of sharp practice or ‘engineered’ difficulty. Also when buying meat by mail order one can’t be seeing what one is buying as it’s not easy judging how big a lamb shank is and when they arrive and look like they’ve come from a new born lamb it’s somewhat of a shock. I can however understand the need to use mail order if one isn’t lucky enough to have good butchers nearby.

  3. Laura Tapp said:

    The Well Hung Meat Company is a total con, they recently had a Groupon offer which I purchased and in the small print it said that when you ordered the meat that you would then subsequently receive a monthly order of meat without you asking for eat. This “monthly” supply of meat wouldn’t last my family a week, let alone a month! The meat that they send you is the absolute cheapest cuts like beef chuck, brisket, thighs, ribs etc. when I told them that I hadn’t reordered and had told a member of their staff they said there was nothing they could do.

    The Well Hung Meat Company is totally overpriced, they service is appalling and as said previously you would be far better off going to a butchers and buying your organic meat from there.