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Oliver is 4 weeks old on Wednesday. On one hand he’s slotted into our ‘routine’ so well that it feels like he’s been here forever, but on the other … holy cow, that means I only have 11 months of maternity leave left.

Yes, I’m keeping count. What’s your point? (I have a lot I want to do before I go back to work.)

He’s put on 2lbs in as many weeks, and is just under the 91st percentile for weight. He’s already filling 0-3 month sleepsuits. His eyes are changing from blue to brown. He grunts constantly, each followed by a fart (he’s a classy baby).

Isabel loves him. The first thing she does when she gets out of bed in the morning is give him a hug. She sings and reads to him, and strokes his head if he’s fussing (doesn’t like nappy changes).

I could have a few more like this.

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  1. Kya said:

    Awe, that is so adorable. I am glad that he has settled into the family routine and that Isabel is just so awesome and cute.

    Congratulations on your family unit, and having such special little humans in your life.

  2. Shannon Rae said:

    Wow. That is incredibly adorable ^__^
    He seems like a very good baby. I hope that I’m that lucky! I’m about 6 weeks along, and still scared, but not about having a baby of course. I’ve read so much scary stuff online about miscarriages and pregnancy complications that has literally scared the hell out of me!!

    I really hope everything is okay, and goes okay, but my OB won’t see anyone until they’re at least 9 weeks along, so I think I’m going to be crazy nervous until then!

    • Jem said:

      Congratulations! :)

      I know it seems hard but try to relax. There are lots of stories online about miscarriages and pregnancy complications – including my own! – but what will happen won’t be changed by you worrying or not. 6 weeks is early days and you should totally use it to do all the things you won’t be able to do when baby arrives – like enjoy a hot drink or a bath in peace, haha. :)

      Best of luck! x

  3. Mumblies said:

    I’m trying to remember who it reminds me of when Oliver does his grunting and farting… Oh yes, I remember now – it’s Karl ;)
    I’m glad he is easy to handle, that takes so much hassle off your shoulders.

  4. Nat Marie said:

    LOL grunting and farting. My nephew’s 7 months old and he’s been doing that forever! Usually the farting is accompanied with rancid poops (he was half breastfed/formula fed).

    Shit, you get a year maternity leave? I think here it’s after 6 weeks postpartum. Gonna move to the UK now, lol.

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