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No wonder we have a debt crisis

 |  WTF

I applied for a credit card today, and on the form was asked my job:

It’s no wonder there’s a global problem with debt if school-aged children can apply for credit.

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  1. Aisling said:

    Hahaha. In fairness, I suppose it would be possible to start working as a schoolchild if you worked in a family business. Or as a professional baby sitter.

      • Aisling said:

        I don’t know how your crazy country works! My friend got a credit card when she was still technically a “schoolchild” (only I think we just stick with “student” here) because she was going on exchange to Belgium. She was still in high school, just finishing grade 12 and then was going to do the equivalent of grade 12 in Belgium.

    • Donna said:

      I believe it would be the parents that would need to apply for that, rather than the child, so that section would be rather useless. You’d hope someone would have left school by 30+, but then again…

  2. Meg said:

    I’m not sure if “professional senior” means pertains to senior citizens…? LOL. And “schoolchild” makes me think of kids, as in Mommy-I-want-that-toy kids, haha!

  3. Daly said:

    Imagine that! The world would be a happier place if schoolkids could get a credit. Just think about it! Candy everywhere!

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