“My help, Daddy”

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  1. Meggan said:

    SHE IS A CHILD! When did this happen?! Surely she is a wittle bitty baby/toddler still?

    My mind has been blown. Now I’m wondering if Wesley looks this way to people other than me?

  2. Sheri said:

    So precious! How did you have such a blonde baby? She’s so big! Is Karl headbanging, or being sensibly censored?

  3. Mallory said:

    Why hello there, Jem!

    I see you’ve still been blogging, too, and things seem to be going quite well for you. :) I’ve had rough patches in the ol’ life here and there, but otherwise, I’d say things are going A+ okay for me! Well … Maybe A- okay. Sometimes B+. :P

    I’m a little shocked at how old your daughter looks, I just assumed she’d still be getting her knees dirty crawling about, not walking around like a kindergartener already! Amazing. And her hair’s precisely the colour mine was when I was a baby! N’aww. ♥

  4. mae said:

    I’m a lurker but I can’t resist not commenting how adorable your baby daughter is there!!! So cuuttteee!!! :D