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I get it now

 |  Parenting

A loooong, long time ago when it felt like half the world still blogged at Livejournal, the powers that be decided to remove avatars featuring breastfeeding women. All hell broke loose as mums and supporters alike caused a riot. I supported the protests at the time but said that, despite my position, I didn’t understand why mums would want to share pictures of breastfeeding on the Internet.

I get it now.

It’s not about sharing a picture of your breasts which just happen to be feeding a baby. It’s about sharing a moment in time, a glimpse into a relationship between two. The “breast” part is incidental; it’s a memory like any other. Like the picture of the baby in the cute sleepsuit/onesie, the picture of the baby which his first cuddly toy, the picture of the baby asleep with the family pet. Whatever.

My epiphany came this morning as I fed Oliver down for his nap. Despite our ongoing problems and the fact that 99% of feeds are still painful/uncomfortable, he finished his snack, pulled away from the boob and rested his head against it. His pudgy hand splayed across warm flesh. He sighed as he closed his eyes and went to sleep. In that moment everything was perfect, and I knew just then that were I more comfortable with sharing pictures of my babies with the world, that few seconds would be the ones I’d want to share.

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  1. Amelie said:

    It was about 6 weeks or so in that I had a similar thought. “Why do people take pictures of feeding their babies?” I used to think. Didn’t necessarily think it was disgusting or wrong, just not something that was necessarily right to put on the net, even less something to make an avatar or profile pic of.

    Now of course I realise there is something incredibly magical about it all and when those moments happen to me I too wish to shout about them to the world. :D

  2. Mumblies said:

    I’ve always said that there is nothing, not anything at all that is quite as awe inspiring and so wonderfully perfect than sitting quietly with your baby nestled against the breast and watching them as they slept safe in the knowledge that they are with the person that loves them just that tiny bit more than anyone else. I never had any pictures taken of my own boobs but was once asked by a health visitor no less to ‘hide’ myself away behind a curtain…I exploded with rage at her and told her that she of all people should promote breast feeding as it is after all what nature intended. I’ve never said that bottle fed babies suffer, nor would I attempt to make them feel any less of a mother but one thing I will say is this… they may well bond with their babies but it will never quite be the same as breastfeeding. I know because I’ve done both.

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