Finally thinking about decorating the front room

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This was my front room this morning (complete with half naked baby):

living room

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This was my living room after I’d tidied up the effects of the weekend/breakfast rush this morning:

living room tidy

It hasn’t really changed since we moved in, which is now started to bug the crap out of me. Except I don’t know what to do with it. I like the idea of keeping the walls (currently covered in crappy falling off paper) neutral and then brightening things up with accessories, so I bought some cushions:

new cushions

And a colourful basket to store the blankets in:

colourful basket

And that is where my design inspiration ends.

Suggestions please?

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  1. Ramsha said:

    I think you should just keep with the idea that you pick up the different shades of red with small accessories. Maybe some bright patterned (or plain) lamps, some art on the walls, or bright photo frames. Some maroon curtains would pull all that together! Hope it works well… and that you get far more imaginative ideas.

  2. Stephanie said:

    Definitely want to eliminate the wallpaper. A warm cream would brighten up the room considerably. Consider new drapes — a set of red drapes is pretty inexpensive, and it would tie it together. I can’t tell if that’s a valance or a box you have above the curtains, but if it’s a valance, I’d get rid of it and use a black wrought iron bar. If it’s a box, I’d paint it black (or a dark brown, if you want to keep things earthy), that would look very smart. An interesting floor lamp with a red shade would look nice, too. And this may sound silly, but a great long mirror above the couch would look lovely. You could probably find one at a thrift store for cheap. It wouldn’t matter the condition of the frame. Rub it down with denatured alcohol, then spray paint it whatever color you’d like.

    I really love decorating. I’d love to keep hearing about this and giving you suggestions. Or do private e-mail consultations ;)

    • Jem said:

      I’ve thought about a mirror over the sofa but I have two worries: 1) the walls are heavy concrete, so not easy to fix stuff too, and b) how likely is it that I sit down one day and end up with a mirror to the back of the head?! Karl might have some ideas there..

      This could become an interesting blog series – “decorate my house”, heh

  3. Tracy said:

    Seeing you’ve bought red tones I’d also stick to the red tones. Red drapes (like Stephanie said), maybe a dark red carpet before the beige couch. The walls I’d paint white or in a light color, so that the room isn’t too dark. Some green plants in there maybe? My living room is full of plants, adds a nice touch.
    I like how you cleand up the mess :)

  4. Nina Amelia said:

    Hey, where’d the half naked baby go? :)
    I vote for new drapes. It’s affordable and it would instantly bring the room to life, complimenting your new accessories

  5. Hanna said:

    I would soooo much want to rip those wallpapers! And change them to white. I would remove the thing above the curtains and get there a some sort of bar, white, black or really dark brown. Since you started already with red accessories, I’d get more those, including curtains either completely red or with similar type of pattern on white/light beige than on those pillows.

  6. Mumblies said:

    Clad the lower half of the walls with MDF and paint it to baby/toddlerproof it in a wipe clean and slightly darker shade and top it with a dado rail and paint the upper section white. I like the idea of a big mirror to go above the sofa too, that will make it lighter. Get some wipe clean covering for your dining table to make that look better then once the babies are grown you could sand it down and re-varnish to return it to how it should look. Get some new lampshades in red and washing machine dye your curtains to match the new look.

  7. Aisling said:

    I definitely say go with the mirror. We got a huge one in our living room (which is long and skinny) and it really opened the space up. It was a bit disorienting for a while but then we got used to it. :) Definitely think the wainscoting your mom described would be nice… I am a sucker for half panelled walls. Ugh, I love decorating, can I just come down and help? I’m adding “help Jem redecorate” to my list of reasons to move to England.

  8. Louise said:

    Mirror definately sounds like a good idea – although I always have my toddlers- friendly hat on I could envisage mine clambering and jumping on the sofa and ….. I’m sure you get the picture!! Floor lamps are another nightmare with children – ours is hidden at the back of the room.
    I quite like roman blinds (easy to make too if you fancy it) and you could maybe match the stripe on the box? Looks good on blinds – dreadful on curtains though!! Painting or re-papering the walls with lining paper would look good and as your mum suggests something wipe clean is a must. No matter how much you put crayons, pencils, pens out of reach someone always finds one and some girls like to make things look pretty!