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Exclusive Preview of WP Email Capture Premium

 |  WordPress

One of the benefits of being super awesome cool like me is the things I get to see and do before everyone else. Today I am playing with (cough.. ‘testing’) WP Email Capture Premium before it’s official launch.

WP Email Capture is an e-mail subscription plugin for WordPress. Install it, activate, and watch as the masses add their e-mail address to your marketing list. Or just your mum, whatever. We can’t all have thousands of fans.

The plugin, rated 4 out of 5 on, is CAN-SPAM compliant, works in a widget or post or page and exports to CSV ready for import into your e-mailing software of choice. And if that isn’t cool enough for you, WP Email Capture Premium has extra good stuff, like the ability to build and maintain multiple e-mail subscription lists:


Ideal if you want to maintain more than one mailing list, e.g. a “thought of the day” or “special offers” as well as a monthly newsletter.

Or, perhaps you want to take out the middle-man altogether, and have WordPress & WP Email Capture Premium integrate directly into an e-mail suite such as MailChimp? It can do that too using the Add / Edit External List feature:


And, perhaps the feature that I’m most stoked about because of it’s potential to boost the effectiveness of newsletter sign-ups by telling the webmaster what’s working, where referrals are coming from, landing page hits and tracking conversions: the stats centre. Filter stats by date, by individual list or look at the whole picture… it’s a data whore’s wet dream!


If you’re interested in getting your grubby hands on a copy of WP Email Capture Premium, register your interest at the official plugin site to be notified of the details of release.

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