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Nothing quite like being woken up by a sopping wet toddler at just gone 5am because of an epic nappy failure.

We’ve been using close parent pop-ins (old style) with the dri-night booster overnight for some time, and had up until this point been full of praise for them. Although they’re bulky with the added booster, the leg gusset meant no pee leaks (which as a co-sleeper, is quite important to me; I’m sure you can imagine why).

Except Izzy is leggy, and so although she’s still under the weight limit (“35lbs+”) I can only just get them done up. This means they’re too tight, and so last night wicked pee all up the nappy, pyjamas, and my bloody bed sheets.

Task: ‘find a new toddler-proof night nappy’ is a go-go…

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  1. Mumblies said:

    I can’t help but wonder if your predicament would not be far less if you just got hold of a waterproof sheet to put under the bottom sheet and just threw caution to the winds and pop her into a pair of pull-ups and see if you can’t turn her clean/dry days into nights and days.

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