Weird Dream of School ‘Chums’

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And by chums I totally mean the assholes that tormented me for 5 years.

I wasn’t a “popular kid” at school (I know you’re not surprised by this). I was different before it was cool to be different. Short boyish haircut, knackered old Doc Martins, purple tights and mismatched socks. I didn’t listen to the “in” music, or watch the “in” TV shows. Nerdy and smart but with a big gob and the ability (and willingness?) to stand up for myself. Didn’t let any fucker push me around, but you know, I think that just made things worse.

Anyway, I had a bit of a weird dream last night in which me, and many from my year at school, were doing a weird quiz thing in a huge gym/assembly room (stand on this side of the room if you think X, move over here if you think Y … I don’t know). Someone got in my face so I put her up the wall and suggested she back off before I did something we might both regret. (Incidentally, this actually happened, but with a different girl in a different place and for a different reason. It worked, though.)

Yeah. I’m not sure why I’m writing this down … I guess I just thought that at the grand old age of not-quite-26, that I wouldn’t give school a second thought now. Pregnancy makes you dream strange things.

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  1. Amelie said:

    I still dream of school every now and then… I would think it’s only natural to dream about it, being that it was a major part of childhood/adolescence.

    I have to concur about strange dreams generally though, last night I dreamt I was psychic and had several dreams within a dream :| Never had that happen before!

  2. Aisling said:

    Did you wear your purple tights and mismatched socks at the same time? That’s confusing. :P

    I sometimes dream about high school. I don’t remember what the dreams were about at the moment, but they’ve been known to happen. One aspect I do remember is feeling stressed over an assignment or test. Or with going to my after school job. In my dream, I always try to remind myself that I’m actually 23 and don’t need to go to be a cashier, or pass my science mid-term. That usually works and then I just enjoy the drama that was my HS experience. :D

  3. Hev said:

    I do the same way. I was bullied & harassed for the 13 years (kindergarten through graduation) I was in school. Being meek & calm didn’t help either & I would have had more fun with my current attitude of mess with me & you won’t like it. So neither way is any better. It is just the hormones.

  4. Mumblies said:

    Pregnancy does indeed give you very strange dreams, I remember having a really vivid dream where some murdering madman had snuck into the house and axed my babies (you and your siblings) in the face … I could not settle back to sleep until your poor long suffering father had gone to check that you were all happily fast asleep and not butchered as I’d dreamt. I had dreams through each pregnancy – most of them pretty horrific too and was convinced I was going insane until mentioned them to my Doctor who was providing my ante natal care. Once he reassured me that this kind of dream is completely normal and due to the large amounts of hormones I had charging around my body I was not so scared, but they really were horrible – even to the point that even after all these years I can still remember them.

    As for your dreaming about school, and the way you reacted in your dream towards somebody all I can say is poor you – you are turning in your mother. My theory for these dreams is that because your brain knows that you are now responsible for hatching another little sproglett it is toughening you up should any poor fool put your baby/ies in harms way and you are mentally going through mock situations based on memory as your method of learning how to defend you and the baby should any ‘attack’ come your way. Possibly a load of twaddle … but who knows?