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The Great Hungry? Cookbook Giveaway

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Remember how the other day I was all “ooh, I love the Hungry? cookbook too much to give it away“? Problem solved! I pulled some strings asked nicely and have secured a second copy of the innocent cookbook to give to one of you lovely people.

How do I enter the great ‘Hungry?’ giveaway, Jem?

Simples! Leave a comment on this post. That’s it. No purchase necessary. You don’t even have to say something clever and witty – “count me in!” should just about do it.

Want a better chance of winning? Enter multiple times! Here are other ways you can enter:

  • “Like” the facebook page
  • Tweet about the giveaway, including a link to this blog post (max of 3 tweets per day, spam is for losers)
  • Follow @jemjabella on twitter (that’s me, hi!)
  • “Like” the innocent drinks facebook page (as a thank you to our generous benefactor)
  • Link to this post from your blog / tumblr / livejournal / whatever is trendy these days (each link gains you 1 entry)
  • Tell a friend about the contest, and ask them to leave your name in their comment

Leave a comment with the details of your individual entries (one comment or over several, it doesn’t really matter).

What’s the catch then?

No catch. We do need to enforce a few guidelines though:

  • Over 18s only (I’m fairly sure this counts as gambling, sorry kids)
  • There are no country restrictions — I’m the poor mug forking out on postage here
  • Please link to individual twitter updates or link/email a screenshot for protected accounts
  • You’ll have to tell me your Facebook name so I can check for genuine likes (if you’d rather keep your name private, email me instead)
  • You’ll also have to tell me your twitter username so that I can check for follows

Entries close on Friday 23rd September @ 7:00am GMT so don’t hang about. After the weekend I’ll tally the totals into a spreadsheet, jumble all the entries up and use a random number generator to pick a row. The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

Ready, steady, go…


Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

33 comments so far

  1. Katy said:

    yeah, what both of them oop there ^^ said. Though I refuse to ‘like’ anything on facebook, so you’ll have to do with a comment and some twittery stuffs :P

  2. Mumblies said:

    What a great idea Jem. Although I do like the look of this book and approve of your idea please do NOT add me to your list of people to compete for a copy. I can always borrow your copy and I’d like for someone else to have the chance to win. Good luck everybody :)

  3. Marjo said:

    Count me in! And how awesome to not have country restrictions so I can enter!

    Like both pages on facebook with the name Marjolein Evers and am now following you on twitter as LizzyDizzyMiss

  4. Donna said:

    Hi Jem , I would like to win the cookery book for my daughter so she can learn more recipes etc …… i also want to add that she said that she likes the flowers and the design on your web page :)

  5. Hev said:

    Me too Jem. Already have you on twitter, like you on Facebook (HevTiger), & I liked the book on facebook *like you told us to. Plus I will twitter this to get you more people.

  6. Kelly said:

    Free lunch… count me in!

    I would do F’Book / Twitter but still living in dark ages of not caring what millions of anonymous people think about me.


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