Ironbridge Photography Project

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I have the privilege of living in the most beautiful county in the UK: Shropshire. (Not that I’m biased or anything.) This is highlighted in the towns surrounding my own; Ironbridge, Coalbrookdale and the like. Steeped in history, full of landmarks like The Iron Bridge… on their own, they are fairly interesting, but a recent work project by two of my colleagues only adds to that. Check this out:

Tontine Hotel, Ironbridge

The mix of old and new, people milling around just like they do now, what’s changed and what hasn’t. I find the whole lot fascinating. I’m actually gutted that I’m going to Wales this weekend so will miss them presented full size at the Ironbridge World Heritage Festival on Saturday.

Anyway, if you want to see the rest of the pictures, have a look at Creating windows into Shropshire’s history on my work’s blog.

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  1. Jenni said:

    There’s a site that posts these kinds of photos – old with new shot. Can’t remember what it’s called unfortunately, but Adobe Creative Juices linked to it on Facebook a while back. Nice pic.

  2. John said:

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s really an eye catching picture. It’s especially interesting to see the people old and new, so to speak, standing out front. Brilliant.

  3. Mumblies said:

    These pictures are fab. It is so fascinating to see how some of the buildings are changed now to how they used to be. Love the details, love the pics too. It must have taken some time to get them all perfect – my hands shake that much I would have been useless holding those old sepia tone B&W’s.