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Dear Skechers

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Hello there, my name is Jem.

About 6 years ago I bought my first pair of Skechers. They were amazingly comfortable. I’d never before had a shoe (trainer/sneaker/whatever) which had been such a great fit straight from the box. This was the beginning of what I hoped to be a lasting, fulfilling relationship with your brand (you see, I hate shoe shopping, so if I have a go-to brand that makes my life easier).

Unfortunately those shoes wore out. Completely through. It took about 2 years, which is not bad going considering I was walking upwards of 6 miles a day, but nonetheless a little sad. I replaced them with another pair. Not quite as comfy out of the box but were spot on within a week or so of regular wear. They lasted a similar timespan until they too wore through. I don’t mind getting 2 years out of a pair of £40 shoes. I was a happy customer.

Long story short, I’m now on my 4th pair of Skechers (trainers) and also own a pair of your black shoes for more formal occasions. I’m obviously not making you rich beyond your wildest dreams, but I guess over a lifetime I could be spending a lot of money on Skechers.

Except, and here’s the problem… pair number 4, apparently called ‘Speedsters Nottingham’, were despatched to me on June 1st 2011, costing me £46. It is now October 5th 2011. In 4 months and 4 days these shoes have been destroyed. I have worn through the insole and partly through the rubber sole on both shoes. I have an excruciating blister on my right foot today and a growing build-up of hard skin on my left (I know you don’t want to hear these lovely fine details, I apologise if I put you off your dinner)

What I don’t understand is how I have managed to destroy your shoes in 4 months, when I’m walking less than I was this time 5-6 years ago. I’m also alternating my shoes more because of work/etc so if anything, they’ve had a fraction of the wear in 4 months than my old pairs will have had in the same span.

I’m losing faith. I don’t want to have to find another go-to brand. That would make me miserable, and waste valuable time that I could be spending doing other important things (like writing more nice reviews about your products on Amazon). Please, for my sake and yours, make sure this blip in build quality is a one-off.

Thank you,


Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

8 comments so far

  1. Rhys said:

    I had the same issue with Milletts Boots. FIrst pair was amazing. Took about a year to wear out 2 pairs. I’m now on Goretex Boots, a bit more expensive (£100 as opposed to £60), but they’re 2 years old and no signs of wearing out.

  2. Vera said:

    Wow 2 years? I never get more than half a year out of any shoe I wear regularly. And by regularly I mean every single day :P And I can’t say I necessarily walk THAT much… :|

    4months … well my newest pair of sneakers lasted me that much. And considering they were under 30E I guess I deserved it? Maybe? :P

  3. Adrianne said:

    I was actually pondering on getting a pair of Skechers trainers myself, but after seeing they’re already worn out in 4 months, I’m beginning to have second thoughts LOL.

    My old white Adidas walkers is around 5 yrs old and it still hasn’t worn out (maybe because I rarely wear them due to work, etc.). The only thing is that it’s dirty LOL XD

    Speedsters Nottingham? I don’t think I’ve seen that pair before… maybe not available in the U.S.? (or maybe it’s under a different name?) (o_o;)

  4. AnjaKJ said:

    I’m glad you had such wonderful luck with Skechers and their sizing – the first pair I bought was a pair of the laceless ones in my exact shoe size. I’d only been wearing them a few weeks by which time they were big enough to pass on to my sister – who they fit despite her shoe size being one larger than the actual trainers. When I bought my next pair, I tried on my exact size and the one below – the latter fit better, just a little snugger than I’d like but given my experience with the first pair, I figured they’d stretch out too. No such luck.

    I do own a pair of knee high boots from Skechers – yay for a company that makes boots for ‘real’ folk who don’t have matchsticks for calves. And I own a pretty pair of flip-flops that are nice enough to wear out. But their trainers – meh. Give me Jordans any day. Most comfortable runners I’ve ever owned. Nike’s own aren’t too bad either – I had one pair of their runners that lasted over four years. Adidas are my close third. (And I should tell you, I have bad feet with a deformity in the bones in one of them. Comfort is king.)

  5. Lee said:

    Have you contacted the retailer to see if they will do anything to rectify the problem, failing that I would contact Skechers and see if they can keep a customer happy.

  6. Caity said:

    I actually had the same problem with my Sketchers. I had a great pair of Sketchers that I wore for 3-4 years in high school. I bought a pair more recently and they just weren’t up to snuff. It can’t be coincidence.

  7. Becky said:

    Coincidentally… my father brought some Sketchers while he was holiday to New York. He’s worn them twice. No joke, TWICE. The sole is actually away from the body of the shoe. I wouldn’t buy them after seeing the state his were in.

    I have a belief that stuff made years ago last longer than stuff produced now. I had a pair of Hi-Tec walking boots that I first had when I was 13 years old, and only recently have I thrown them away because they were tatty, not damaged. Unlike my pair of Millets trainers which didn’t last me a year.

    End consumer rant!

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