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Although I’ve used WordPress on and off for years, the closest I usually get to plugin development is custom widgets. This is not through lack of willing, but rather that everything I’ve wanted is already out there and I’m too lazy busy to reinvent the wheel.

However, one of our work clients has put in a request for an interesting addition to their site which is currently not really satisfied by any decent/up-to-date plugins. Part of the project involves extending the user-side of WordPress with full profiles, account history etc. It’s very “web 2.0” (now there’s a buzzword I’ve not heard in a while).

The advantage of this, beyond increasing my WordPress knowledge and experience, is that it’s given me the inspiration/kick up the arse needed to turn my free PHP mail form into a WordPress plugin!

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  1. Vera said:

    Heh, this reminds me of when I worked with Typo3, where I constantly had to create custom plugins. The community is not even half as big as WP, plus when you need something you’ll have to search the bowels of the Intertube to find it… maybe *sighs*

    So that’s how I found myself coding a plugin for WP archives displaying (sorted by year and month) :)

    Incidentally, will you release your mailing script to the public? If yes, will you add some sort of anti spam to it? When I used it, my main issue was that I’d keep getting a lot of spam. The type with non-word content. :(

  2. Kerry said:

    That sounds like an interesting project. Good luck with it.
    I’m glad to hear you’ll be making your form script into a WordPress plugin. I personally think that’ll be very handy.