Nursing Strike, Continued

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By popular demand (and by popular, I mean that Stephanie asked) I am giving you an update on the vgvvvv …thanks Isabel… on the scintillating chapter of my life known as Operation Nursing Strike.

Long and boring story short, she is still striking. There have been numerous very small improvements, but these are ultimately overshadowed by the depressing reality of pumping 3-4 times a day. She has taken more sleepy feeds, and now if she is in the right mood between sleep cycles (so still asleep but not deep sleep) she will actively root for the nipple and try to latch rather than having to be bribed with dripped milk. She has woken up a few times whilst having a ‘dream feed’ and has not freaked. She will now also tolerate being held in the nursing position for longer periods too.

The problem is, as it stands, she has multiple teeth on the way out. We’ve had several very upset night wakings and no amount of doping up with drugs (paracetamol obviously) makes a difference so I can only assume her mouth hurts and this is what is keeping her away (either that or she really does hate me).

A very kind friend has sent me a double pump (arrived this morning) which will reduce the time it takes for me to pump and give me back some semblance of freedom as I wait in hope for the day she latches successfully AWAKE again…

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  1. Aisling said:

    Thanks for the update on the vgvvvv.

    I’m sorry she’s still striking. I doubt she hates you. She’s probably just getting her teenage rebellion out of the way, so that’s a relief. The teen years should be a breeze!

    Or not.

    Hang in there! :)

  2. Emsz said:

    The people I babysit for had these rings they would put in the fridge for when their son was teething. He could chew on one of them and it would make it hurt less. Because you know, cold numbs :) Maybe something to consider?

  3. Jem said:

    We’ve got one Emma, she doesn’t really care for it. The only thing she likes is her Sophie Giraffe, but even that only offers temporary relief.

  4. Mumblies said:

    I very much doubt she hates you Jem, if this were the case then she wouldn’t consider coming any where near you regardless of whether it was time for a feed or just for cuddles. She still considers you to be her world, that is obvious to us onlookers. I had a thought (yes, dangerous I know) on what might be the cause of her ongoing strike… it just may be possible that this has nothing to do with feeding from you in general and is merely her way of demonstrating that she is becoming very independent now and prefers to ‘grab food and run’ rather than having to sit for a longer time at the breast. She is so intelligent and so far in advance intellectually of many babies her age and to breastfeed does take longer and of course she can’t put your boob down and play with her toys like she can when she has her cup. Quite possibly totally wrong…but it’s a possible maybe?

  5. Hev said:

    Ok, now I know Gerber makes these. I don’t know if you can find something like this where you live. Though I am sure you can. This is what I am talking about:

    Basically Mom is suggesting a hard biscuit that she can gnaw on. Grandmother would tell you to get a chicken leg that didn’t have anything on it anymore ?

    Keep the strength, Jem. You are more stubborn then her. Remember who is the mother & who is the child.

  6. Jem said:

    I agree, Stephanie :) Tongue mostly in cheek throughout the entry ;) It’s heartbreaking, though, watching her get all psyched up to nurse and then end up in pain as soon as she latches.

  7. Caity said:

    I’m sorry to hear that there’s still some problems. I will agree with the general consensus that her little strike is about her teeth and not about you at all. I know it must be very hard to go through, though. I hope that things get better soon!