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My Walking, Talking Little Girl

 |  Parenting

Well, okay, not quite walking and talking, but it doesn’t feel like we’re far off that some days!

I last gave a proper update about Isabel in May as she turned 6 months. She had been sitting up for a while and we’d just started introducing her to solids using the “BLW” method (aka give her what you’re having). She’s now 9 months old and since then she’s been chowing down on more foods than I care to remember… from homemade chicken curry and spaghetti bolognese, to raw veggies, fruits, and stir fry. There’s not a lot she won’t eat, and the nappies will back me up on that ;)

We’re “still” breastfeeding (but not hourly any more, heh).

Her coordination and motor skills never fail to amaze me. She’s well on target with all the relevant milestones. She claps, points, has her pincer grasp etc. She did her first proper crawl while my Dad was over a while back, and nothing has stopped her since. In fact, we’ve just had to install a safety gate to stop her getting in the kitchen and stealing the cats food as, although I am always watching her, I like to make my job easier :D

Of course, this does mean that getting dressed and nappy changes are a battle each time. She just doesn’t want to keep still, so result in screeches and kicks. I’m thinking of rolling out the duct tape…

More recently she’s learned to pull herself up on furniture, and likes to push herself up onto all fours on the ground. I don’t think it’ll be long before she’s cruising along the front of the sofa, and from there… eek, walking!

She said her first word on the 8th August — “Daddy” — and I’m hoping the mamamama babbles will develop into Mummy soon too. She’s very spirited with her ‘talking’, giving us streams of doo, goo, ee, gee, shoo, etc. She has a range of funny noises that we’ve nicknamed; from “dying baby” (sharp intake of breath) to coffee machine (shh-eeee-ooo-sshhh).

As I’m back to work in November, we’re doing the rounds of the nearby nurseries (daycare). It’s incredibly difficult having to come to terms with the fact that I won’t be at home with my baby all day every day, but at the moment, and for the foreseeable future, it’s for the best (certainly financially). It will give me chance to boost my savings and for us to finally start the process of buying a house, at which point I can look more seriously about my future. Unfortunately though, the nursery we saw yesterday was a bit of a dump and certainly doesn’t make this any easier. Let’s hope the one we’re seeing on Thursday is more in tune with what I want for my daughter :)

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  1. Stephanie said:

    That’s so cute! I’m far too young to know much about parenting, but Isabel seems to give you a never ending roller coaster of fun and joyful times and challenges. I guess that’s part of parenting then?

  2. Mumblies said:

    Oh how I remember this stage so well, you yourself were a constant challenge at this age Jem, helping Mummy around the house was your favourite…grabbing just emptied coffee cups from our hands and racing into the kitchen whereupon you would launch them overarm into the sink for washing up. Of course, it never occurred to you that in doing this my chores were vastly reduced…most of the mugs ended up in pieces that were just fished out and binned thus meaning I had so much less to actually wash up!

    Of course eventually we hit upon the idea of leaving the sink/washing up bowl filled with water, which did save a few from total destruction at least, and your having moved on to bigger and better ‘helping’ meant that sales of replacement mugs did lessen in time. Your favourite noise was the Velociraptor for a long time, screeching at the top of your lungs delighted you…even if it did convince a fair few that you were A)being murdered or B)having some sort of seizure it always made me smile, and being one for encouraging babies to really have total freedom to be themselves and make as much noise as you liked – I actively encouraged.

    Izz is a constant delight for us, her babbling is just SO cute, I can see lil missy getting away with blue murder in time, it is so hard to be cross with someone when they melt your heart with every glance and I think the pussums will not have to worry about exercise for long…once she really starts racing about the house they will soon learn to leggit out of her reach XD. She already has Daddy wrapped right round her little finger, but then this is what little girls do ;) (ask your Granddad, he’ll confirm this)

    Good luck with the search for babycare, I don’t envy you having to leave her with someone you may not trust 100%, I was very fortunate that I didn’t have a boss waiting in the sidelines for me to go back to work so got to stay home with you lot.
    The offer of me/Lou helping out there still stands, you know that.

    Meanwhile…enjoy it, babies grow up so fast before you know it all that will be behind you both and you will wonder where time went.

  3. Carly said:

    Jem, your mum should TOTALLY have her own blog, just full of stories about you as a baby!!

    I hope you find a nice nursery for Isabel, I’d be the same for my child (or dog even, if I was looking for boarding kennels!)

    I like the solids introduction idea you mentioned (BLW) because that’s what my mum did with me (and I love all food now) but I’ve heard that if you don’t do that, you can become a fussy eater later in life…!

  4. Vera said:

    Oh maaaan…. when I read these posts, I feel like such a kid. And I’m older than you. :\

    Anyway, glad to know you have such a lovely and healthy girl. :)

  5. Ashley said:

    Aww, Izz sounds wonderful! Best of luck in your daycare search, I wish she could come to mine, it’s brilliant – but that’s, you know, across the Atlantic ocean. XD

  6. Heather (Skye) said:

    The childcare facility you ultimately choose better be on their best behavior if they figure out you are the mom! We all know you won’t hesitate to share how bad (or good!) they are. I hope it all works out and you find the perfect place :)

  7. Mae said:

    You don’t want to freelance from home? I’m sure lots of people will hire you in an instant, though I guess you wouldn’t want to bring work home with you.

    Anyway, your baby sounds soooo cute! Good luck with the daycare search! :)

  8. Lilian said:

    Lol. I don’t recall hearing "daddy", but when she looked at Karl and went "Dada?" I was like, "OMG CAN WE CALL THAT ONE?" Hehehe. She’s beautiful, Jem. Can’t wait to see you all next time :D

  9. Denise said:

    I’m normally not a kid/child person (we have a mutual avoidance of each other), but this post is adorable. Your baby sounds so cute as do the sounds she makes!

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