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I would like to thank…

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A lady on babycentre started a thread for people she’d like to thank for helping her as a new parent, and I wanted to contribute… but also wanted the people I’m thanking to see it, so I thought I’d pop it here too :) So, I would like to thank…

My mum, for breastfeeding me and making it seem like The Only Way. For telling me how great I am doing all the time. For doing a 20 mile round trip every night for about 2 weeks after Izz was born just to bring me hot food so I wouldn’t have to cook. For providing me with a cushion of my own to feed Izz with when I’m round her’s. For rushing out at 11pm to buy artificial milk and bottles when the surgeon told me I’d have to stop breastfeeding, then not swearing at me when we rang back 15 mins later to tell her they’d arranged baby friendly antibiotics and that we would be able to continue on the boob after all. For not asking where the money was when we took the formula back and swapped it for nappies. For doing the 40 minute trip to the hospital when I had the gallstones removed in case Karl needed help with Izz. For not complaining when Izz slept for 4 hours on Karl, despite normally being a catnapper, leaving her sat waiting all that time. For being there any time, night or day.

Karl, for standing around for 10 hours while I was in labour rubbing my back, despite having Achilles tendon issues. For putting up with me post-birth when I was in pain because of the stiches, and Izz was feeding constantly (why did nobody warn me about growth spurts?) and all I could do was shout and moan. For respecting my wishes when I told him for the Nth time that I wouldn’t be putting formula in my baby and I didn’t need his help feeding her. For not complaining once that I brought Izz into our bed. For doing all those night nappies in the first couple of weeks. For taking me to the hospital, and being there every day to distract Izz so that I could rest. For not laughing at me when I cried (for hours) at the prospect of having to give up feeding Izz, and for supporting my decision to struggle through and get breastfeeding friendly drugs every step of the way. For roping in the lactation consultant so that I had support on side. For very quickly learning how to cook so that I could deal with Izz in the evenings, and for not bitching at the constant trips back and forth as I request salt, mayo, ooh a glass of orange if you don’t mind, etc. For not running screaming because of our suddenly diminished sex life ;) For being open minded and receptive to breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby led weaning, babywearing etc… most of which is stuff he’d never heard of until the day I decided we were doing it. For cuddling Izz for 10 minutes when he gets in from work so I can have a hot cup of tea for the first time that day. For being there any time, night or day.

Christina, a local lady, for answering my e-mail pleas for help babywearing despite not having a clue as to who I was. For inviting me into her home, showing me how to use my ring sling effectively and lending me a stretchy wrap which has been invaluable since birth. For not pestering me about when she’s getting said stretchy wrap back(!) and for being there for Karl while I was in hospital.

And last but not least, my midwife, for ensuring a safe delivery, not being offended that I swore at her, for stitching me up and more importantly: pointing me towards feeding lying down which has been the most useful tip I’ve had since Izz was born. It was the only way I could do it for the first week, and allows me to rest and feed every single night, allowing me to be refreshed and ready for the day each morning.

Apparently it takes a village to raise a child. I wouldn’t disagree with that. Everyone has something to offer, even if their methods go against everything you believe in; it’s this comparison that reinforces what you’re doing is right.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

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  1. Hev said:

    It is a blessing to have the help of people when you have a baby. Or in my case a new 4year old five years ago. I don’t know what I would have done without the people that helped Jock & I when Desi came into our lives. I know exactly what you mean by needed & thanking each of these people.

  2. Meggan said:


    FWIW, nobody told me about growth spurts either. Wesley appears to be going through a phase of wanting to eat every hour (or 45 minutes! argh!) and I was going nuts until I started googling some things and realized that it’s probably just him growing and things should slow down a bit eventually.

    And YES to feeding lying down. Tried it last night and good lord, so much easier.

    This is a lovely entry. :D

  3. Mumblies said:

    One day you will do the same for your baby Jem when she has a child of her own, it’s what mums do (or at least in my book it is) We do what we can to help, just wish we could do more.
    You and Karl ARE brilliant parents and your wonderful daughter will thank you one day for what you do for her each and every day too. We take pleasure in watching her grow inch by inch and day by day, she is so precious to both Lou and I as well as to you two both and no doubt to her other Grandma too :o)

  4. Latrina said:

    How fortunate you are to have such amazing family & friends. :) I love how you said it apparently takes a village to raise a child — I can definitely see that! The help & love from others has definitely not gone unappreciated from you. :)

  5. Amanda said:

    We have 6 and I bf all 6 while co-sleeping. It is the only way to go! lol I couldn’t stay awake at night long enough to feed them so I just put them in our bed and fed them. This was a big no no for my doc, but it worked for us!

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