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I have so much to blog about

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…but no patience to type it. Why? Because when Izz is asleep or feeding — laptop time — I normally have her in one arm or the other, and am therefore reduced to typing using:

on screen keyboard

Note, in fact, the pressed keys: ALT + PSC (print screen) Also, the typo, in the URL of this entry…

Don’t you bloody dare laugh. :P

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15 comments so far

  1. Rachel said:

    I laughed. I’m immature like that. :3

    I’d have no patience with a keyboard like that either. I’ll be taking far better care of this keyboard now I know the consequences if I break it. xD

  2. Ann said:

    Find a scribe, or dictate to Karl. I can imagine you lying back on a couch feeding Izzy, lazily dictating to a furiously writing scribe.

    And I just bothered to type all this out on my iPod with one hand. It’s surprisingly easy. Solutiontwo: get a hand sized keyboard.

  3. Lisa said:

    Oh, that’s a win for sure.

    I like the fact that it says "bksp" instead of the ?, because the first time I used a keyboard I had no idea what that big arrow did. (And the "pup".)

  4. Mumblies said:

    You need that voice activated typing program Jem, then you could dictate it all and the pc would do the work for you :o)
    (I believe it’s called Dragon somthing or other)

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