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Cloth Nappies: Day Two

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Non-parenting readers will have to bear with me while I complete my experiment ;)

Yesterday Izz spent most of the day in cloth, with no leakages! My mum picked me up late morning and we went to Boots to get some terries/pins/waterproof pants (until I can afford some nice wraps) and she showed me various folding methods (we’re using the kite, as it seems give the best fit around her bum). This nappy was on for about 3 hours before I remembered to change her(!) and although it was wet, she’d not made a peep about it. The pee had soaked towards the outer of the nappy so wasn’t rubbing wet nappy against her skin.

When we got home we used a Onelife nappy for onesize-fits-all nappy and she had this on for a couple of hours or so before bath and bed (still ‘cheating’ with a disposable overnight ;))

I’ve ordered a few Bumgenius (despite the leakage on day one, because I think I’d not adjusted it enough), a few FuzziBunz and some second hand Onelife nappies to go alongside the terries. If we find that one works better than the rest I’ll probably sell or swap the others (and that’s the other beauty of cloth: they retain their value REALLY well!) All in this has cost about £90, which is a lot up front but will save us money in the long run (especially versus the £150 estimate for the rest of the year in ‘sposies.)

We’ve started the day in cloth today, and will aim to go all day (including a trip out to the park later). Today will be the deciding day. If we have no problems, then that’s it… cloth all the way!

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  1. Sarah @ OneStarryNight said:

    YAY so exciting! With my oldest son, I did pre-folds and covers with a few pockets and AIO’s. With the baby, we’ve been using BumGenius the whole way through. Trust the cloth for nighttime! Baby (aside from nursing a few times but the joy of co-sleeping, I hardly notice lol!) goes 8-12 hours without needing a change.

    When he was your daughters age, I believe he needed to be changed only once around the 6 hour mark.

  2. Mumblies said:

    Woohoo! Hopefully things will get easier, after so many months of disposables it will take you both a little while to get used to terries as they do take a teeny bit longer to change. Look on the bright side, your first attempt at popping on a terry nappy was way better than your Dad’s first try ;)

    Have to admit, I was totally gobsmacked to realise that not only has it been 18+ years since I had my last baby (OMG I’m getting old lol) but that somehow I still remembered all the various ways of folding a nappy! Maybe there is a bit of sense in my dusty old bonce after all XD.

  3. Stephanie said:

    I really enjoy learning about the experiences my friends have been having online with cloth diapers, breast feeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, etc. I’m around the point of my life where I’m considering what I’d like to do with my child(ren) when I get around to having them. The biggest thing for me is the cloth diapers; I have a hideously bad gag reflex when it comes to poo or vomit. The thought of cleaning up dog poo or a cat box makes me gag, and I’ve smelled my little sister’s diapers, and that smell isn’t great either. I have a legitimate fear of tossing all over my baby when it comes time to change his/her diaper. I would really like to do cloth diapers, but the thought of having to clean poo off them when having to merely wipe the baby’s bottom with a disposable makes me nauseous has me feeling very uncomfortable.

  4. Jem said:

    9 months of hyperemesis/morning sickness gets you used to vomit pretty quick (not that I’d recommend it as an experience). Plus, the smell of a BF baby’s poo is actually quite pleasant (well, as poos go!) — yoghurty almost — so if you went that route you’d not have to worry too much. ;)

  5. Shola said:

    I used cloth with my little brother. : ) It saves in the long run as you said, plus it’s good for the environment. He was potty trained twenty-one months old. ~ He was more concious about being wet me thinks.

  6. Jem said:

    @Ang: well, with the nappies we borrowed we have a lidded nappy bucket lined with a laundry bag. You put wet nappies straight in it, and dirty ones are ’emptied’ into the toilet. You can also flush the toilet holding the nappy in the waters to give it a pre-wash if necessary. That then goes in the nappy bucket too. Most cloth nappiers do a wash every couple of days (more often for more kids) and they simply lift the laundry bag straight out of the bucket and into the machine.

  7. Ellie said:

    I am trialling some terries now (after months of using modern cloth nappies) and I am finding that they are much easier to use than I thought they would be. I haven’t tried the kite fold yet and I wasn’t going to, but after your recommendation I think I’ll give it a go next. Do you mind if I link to your blog when I am doing my next post on terries?

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