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Cloth Nappies: Day Three

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The last day of my experiment (yesterday) was a resounding success. Isabel was in cloth (just ordinary terries) all day until bedtime; we went out to the park for a bit, went to the shop and no leakages. I’m really impressed with how well they seem to hold pee actually, because I’ve always considered Izz quite a heavy wetter (it’s because she’s never off the bloomin’ boob! ;) )

A secondhand wrap has arrived today so we can do away with the plastic pants for at least some of the time until the other nappies arrive (hopefully Monday). When we have the whole stash, I’ll be trying a night nappy to see how they hold up then… although am slightly dreading that, given that we share a bed!

Normal non-nappy services will resume shortly…

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  1. Ellie said:

    Glad to hear that it all went well. Does your baby sleep through the night? Mine wakes up all the time, so I just change when she is wet. When she doesn’t wake up, I’ve noticed that she often stays dry until the morning.

  2. Jem said:

    Sleep through the night?! I’m not familiar with this language you’re speaking! ;) No; Isabel stirs every few hours for a feed, although I try and avoid changing her unless it’s desperate because it tends to wake her further. I might have to though if we convert to cloth at night too (well, we will, but ‘when’ is the question!)

  3. Mumblies said:

    Might be an idea to invest in a rubber sheet just for the middley bit where Izz sleeps just in case there are any leakage problems, shame to ruin a good mattress. Mothercare sell them (or used to) and I daresay Boots will too. I’ve been tempted to use either strong plastic sheeting or even a bin bag before, but both will make her and you really really sweaty, the proper rubber sheets are much nicer to pop under a sheet.
    Glad it’s all going well and no complaints from lil missy :)

  4. Haley said:

    I agree with what Mumblies said above. A lot of great companies make mattress protector sheets – not even necessarily made of rubber – that are really nice and soft, but stain-proof, fabric on the outside and then lined with a protective synthetic lining. I know a lot of pet owners use mattress protector sheets just to keep muddy paw prints and what not off of their nice sheets when their animals jump up in bed with them. :P Ehe. I don’t think you’d even have to worry about Izz being in the bed with you during this "experiment" because the mattress protectors out there don’t let things spread around when they absorb. Really genius, huh? Haha!

    I find this whole cloth-diaper experiment really, really awesome. My mom used cloth diapers for my oldest sister a la 1969. Plenty of other people did too! And what about before then? Everyone seemed to get along just fine! Haha. So much more economical and earth-friendly, for certain. I’m really happy to see you blogging about this. :)

  5. Jenny said:

    it’s awesome that you’re having a good experience with cloth diapers. I wanted to try them but my husband was strongly opposed to the idea. Mainly ’cause we have no washing machine an we spend more on doing the laundry then we do on disposables so… yea. We just … get those. xD Maybe with my next child I’ll try it out. If we have our own appliances that is.

  6. Jen said:

    Ahh, the number of times I’ve slept in a wet patch :D

    Good to hear your cloth experiments are going well. For the first three months we used prefolds and wraps and I found the poo explosion fold pretty good.
    Nowadays I’m extremely proud of my ability to throw together a cloth nappy out of fairy liquid bottles, a toilet roll tube and other such objects when faced with a lack-of-nappy crisis. I’ve also got pretty good at hand washing them. For example, we went to Wales for a week with all 17 of our nappies (two thirds were dirty). There were laundry services on site but I’m a lazy bugger and we ended up with no night nappy and no nappies for the next day, oh gnoes! Cue me spending half an hour rinsing with the shower head and hand washing in the sink :D Worked a treat, who needs washing machines! Good for the upper body too.

    If you ever need any advice feel free to ask. It’s a fun trial and error journey and if you’re lucky you can stumble across some really good problem solvers. I love my microfibre cloths from Asda as boosters, as I do my giant fleece blankets from Asda (£3 each), as fleece is great for keeping bums dry and also providing a barrier between nappy and a bum with cream on. Not that you get a lot of rash ofc ;)

    Btw, unless there is a nice yellow/green splat in the nappy, I change every four hours. My Fuzzis and my Wee Notions will last that long without leaving Ethan’s skin saturated. As for our night nappy, well Ethan does us a favour by never pooing at night, so he stays in his bamboozle bamboo for (wait for it)…. 12 hours leak free and no rash :)

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