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Am I the only one who struggles to buy Christmas presents for men?

It’s that time of year again (and right up there with birthdays and anniversaries); normally I spend weeks trying to think of the perfect present and still end up buying books, socks and/or smellies. I struggle to think of anything more imaginative.

Karl and I have been together 9 years… by this point I think I’ve given him pretty much everything he needs anyway. Then there’s my brothers, who just grunt at anything I buy (hard to tell from “yeh. great. wow, socks.” whether or not they like what you’ve got them.)

I’m thinking lump of coal in stocking at this stage…

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  1. Aisling said:

    Gift cards are easiest for my brother and father. I usually just go with EB Games for Matt, or Future Shop/Best Buy works for either of them. I’m almost considering Amazon vouchers this year, but not sure.

    With the gift card kiosks at stores these days, I don’t even need to haul myself to an electronics store or a restaurant, anyway! I can head to the on-campus grocery store and get all I need there. :P

  2. Hev said:

    Let’s see. I have given father the same thing now for the past thirty years. He still acts completely surprised even though he knows what is in the package. He likes Boris Vallejo & every year there is a calendar that I purchase for his Christmas. Then mom gets him either jeans or shirts depending on which he needs. That is his Christmas every year. Never fail. The only time it isn’t clothes (cause the calendar is a given) is if he has actually told us that there is a wood working tool he wants & is within our budget.

  3. Hanna said:

    I’d say my little brother is actually relatively easy, I know what he likes and this year he actually kind of made requests (hat and cthulhu :P). Dad on the other hand, no idea. D: I know what my boyfriend likes but nevertheless, also he causes problems and I don’t want to give him second pair of socks (my first ever christmas present for him, but they were fancy socks with poppies).

  4. Audrey said:

    Yes! I’ve been with my boyfriend about as long and sometimes have a hard time getting things for him. My uncle, cousins, and male friends/counterparts-to-other-friends are definitely a challenge.

  5. Mumblies said:

    I got around this problem whilst also getting my own back on your Dad for buying me household items for birthdays or Christmas by buying him what I actually wanted then he would do the same and we’d swap :)

    How about a belly button fluff remover? lol

  6. Emsz said:

    I have the same problem with my brother, as he never seems to like what I get him anyway. Now I just get him random DVDs that are cheap-ish :P
    My dad is less of a challenge, as he loves history (has a degree in it, actually), so I just give him books about history or something. He pretty much likes anything I get him anyway (or at least, does a better job at pretending than my brother :P)

  7. Ang said:

    When I did gifts for adults (I only give for children now), I’d get my dad anything having to do with his favorite sports team or the Beatles (books, documentaries). And just about any book that looks interesting about someone he might like works too. Biographies of some sort usually. For my brother, I’d get a book or something too, that he might like. It’s been awhile! For the little boy I buy for now, I get him a read-with-me type of book (he’s about 4 now).

  8. Vickie said:

    Wow, 9 years! Thankfully in our culture, celebrations usually just mean a meal together, even with peers. And we get red pockets from older people. Cash: best gift ever.

  9. Amanda said:

    Most men are so hard to shop for. I’ve been with my husband about as long as you’ve been with Karl, and I never know what to get him that isn’t a repeat of every other year before. I’ve had no complaints yet though so I guess I figure it out in the end. My Dad gets a renewal membership to the local Plaetariam and a promise that I will go with him to the shows at least a couple times. My mom and I split that, and then I buy Dad something else from me, last year it was a book on CD that he loved, and this year will be a wand/hand mixer thing. My husband usually wants video games, nerf guns, or other toys. For my male friends, I’m baking cookies, brownies and fudge for their gifts this year.

  10. Stephanie said:

    Something they need will always do the trick. But since you’ve covered that already… how about something that they like with a witty saying on it? If they’re into computers/gaming, a new/old cheap game will do.

    But I know what you mean. I never know what to get my dad.

  11. Amanda said:

    This isn’t going to work for everyone because I recognise that some families are more presents/Christmas-oriented than others, but I generally just treat people out to a nice meal or experience. So I’d take my dad out to dinner for his birthday, and Dylan and I went away for a weekend for his birthday. We generally don’t even bother with Christmas…

  12. Vera said:

    Definitely not the only one. As for present buying getting easier the longer you know someone? Never. I feel the exact same way as you: I must have gotten my parents everything they need by now, so what could I possibly buy them now? :(

  13. Kerry said:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who struggles with gifts for men.
    I’ve got one in particular that’s really hard this year, and I just don’t have a clue. First I thought aftershave, then maybe a nice scarf or something but now I’m drawing a blank. He’s got everything he needs really, so it’s hard to think of anything besides a nice warm pair of socks for the winter nights. :p

  14. Caity said:

    I am horrible with this, too. What is even worse is that my husband’s birthday is December 16th, as well! Ugh! Lumps of coal is not a bad idea. I might have to steal that from you, I’m afraid.

  15. Anthony said:

    I find it hard to buy for anyone, male or female. I guess that’s because I’m such a perfectionist and I don’t know if the "perfect" gift exists.

    I honestly don’t bother with any actual shopping. I normally get everyone a Mastercard gift card so they can shop anywhere and buy what ever they want.

  16. Rebecca said:

    My dad is so difficult to buy for. Anything he would probably like is very expensive, he has expensive hobbies, and he doesn’t wait until Christmas anyways since he can just buy those things whenever. I’ve been getting him booze since I was old enough :P

    The boyfriend of 1 year however, there are still lots of things! This year it’s easier since we’re moving in together, so we’ve decided to buy things for the place — not toward one another. Whew~