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Acton Scott Victorian Farm

 |  Misc, Parenting

It was Karl’s birthday on Monday, so to celebrate the day and to fill in a bank holiday, we went to Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Acton Scott was featured in a BBC series “Victorian Farm” in 2009, which we’d watched when it was broadcast, so it was actually a great way to follow up on that and totally awesome being able to recognise what we saw from the TV (yes, I’m that sad).

It was a good day out, and interesting to see what had and hadn’t changed compared to modern day farming methods and how we live. Karl mocked me for questioning why some of the lambs were being bottlefed instead of getting milk ‘from source’, even though it was a genuine question and bugger all to do with a breastfeeding agenda :P It turned out that mummy sheep was poorly. I don’t understand why she was being exposed to the crowds and not given a bit of peace and quiet, but meh… I’m not a farmer, what do I know?


One of the highlights of my day was walking around with Izz in the sling, not being limited in where we walk or what we look at, while several parents were struggling with so-called “rough terrain” prams/pushchairs, because they were clogging up with dirt or not coping with pebbled footpaths. Man, I’m a smug fucker sometimes.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing the animals, machinery etc, I took a bunch of pics which I’ve added to the Acton Scott set on flickr. :)

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4 comments so far

  1. Mumblies said:

    Love that Cockerel! Isn’t he magnificent? It looks like you all had a really good day. Maybe the sick sheep is on antibiotics? That would explain why they had taken the lambs and popped them on bottles perhaps, hope sheepy gets better soon :o)

  2. Lilian said:

    I thought "seeing the animals" was some sort of metaphor for pictures of you and your family :P I was disappointed. But the baby sheeps and chicks are cute.

  3. Hev said:

    Farms are fun, aren’t they? Though it is more fun to live on a working one. Though all the work that goes in to the upkeep isn’t. But it is worth it to see the babies every year. My family owns & runs a very small (20 head) beef cattle farm in the US. The baby calves are the cutest little things.

  4. Josh said:

    Aww, farm animals. :D I wish I had a chicken, and I would love it and care for it and it would give me eggs. It would totes give me golden eggs. ;) (I’m totally not referencing Harvest Moon a little bit there.)

    What is up with the red on the one sheep’s butt?

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