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Premature Packing

 |  Misc

After the last time Karl and I moved, I vowed not to leave the packing until the day before again. True to my word, I started packing things up at the weekend and did a little more today as I was off work with a funny tum. So far, I have packed about 4-5 boxes of:

  • books
  • DVDs/CDs
  • DS and Wii games

Of course, sod’s law… now that the games are all taped up and stacked read to go next month, my new Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City guide book has arrived.

The Animal Crossing: Wild World guide books became a rarity quite quickly. I had to have Sarah ship mine over from the States! I am hoping the same will apply, and I will be able to sell it brand-new for 3-4 times the price. Not sneaky in the slightest. :p Good job I only bought it for its re-sale value and not for playing though, eh?

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11 comments so far

  1. Wendy said:

    Now this reminds me I need to start packing ‘cos I will be moving out from my dorm end of next month. I will probably use up a few big boxes and luggage for my clothes. I absolutely hate packing, especially when I have these fragile and small items which I do not know where to place them so that they will be safe during the moving process.

  2. karl said:

    wrap them in newspaper and surround them with balled up paper before putting them in the boxes..:) I’ll be doing that with Jems Gallileo thermometer.

  3. Chans said:

    Animal Crossing seemed a bit dull to me, but I only looked over it quickly, is it worth getting? I only bought a Wii recently and am still looking for fun games to play.

    Good thing you don’t leave your packing to the last minute, it will safe you a lot of stress!

  4. Mumblies said:

    I don’t envy you the packing – been there far too many times for comfort. You know where we are if you need anything :)

  5. Mimi Graham said:

    Is it wrong of me to giggle like a 12 year old at the post title? D: Anyway, I laugh at you! Why? Because I want a Wii so bad and now you cannot enjoy yours, mwuahaha! ;) Aww, I’m just kidding! That stinks. :(

  6. Latrina said:

    I just recently moved as well and I remember most of my boxes were stuffed with those same things. — you know, the essentials. :) I remember the boxes with all the books were extremely heavy. :|

    I just got a Wii, know of any really good games I should try? I’m playing Mario Galaxy atm, loving it.

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