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Moving Day!

 |  Parenting

The day has finally arrived! Karl and I went to pick up the keys and let ourselves into the new flat. It’s just as spacious and light as when we looked around. And, I have to say, I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of the estate agents. They handled the entire thing with speed, politeness, and a friendly face. As if that wasn’t good enough — especially since our disaster with a different estate agent on our first move — they gave us a big envelope this morning with the paperwork in and a lovely, sweet moving card.

moving card

I can say, hand on heart, that I would not hesitate about using Stentons again. Assuming we’ll be staying in this area for quite a while to come, I can see them getting repeat visits from us somewhere down the line.

Anyway, the internet connection is going to be cut off any minute to be transferred to the new flat, so I’ve got to go move! :D

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  1. Angela said:

    Good luck on the move!

    I’m envious of you on the agent front! We don’t get anything like that here in the US, usually it’s all a bg impersonal struggle to find a decent apartment!

  2. Julie said:

    Hurray! Hope everything (including the cats) goes well. :)

    I must say I find it very funny that the card they gave you has a woman dressed in a pink dress. Very Jem-like. :D

  3. Claire said:

    Best of luck to you, Karl and the animals with the move – I hope you all settle in well. It was really thoughtful of them to write you out a card. :)

  4. Anthony said:

    Wow here in America they just throw you the keys, take the deposit and go on their way. Never to be heard of again….even if the pipes burst and make your kitchen ceiling fall down.

    not that that has ever happened to me or anything :/

    Lovely card, hope you have a great time ahha.

  5. Courtney said:

    Good luck with the move! The card is adorable. When we bought our place from the guy we were renting from he sent us a card congratulating us on the purchase of our first home. I thought it was really sweet.

  6. Mimi said:

    That’s so sweet! I remember when I moved into my first apartment they had a goodie bag.. It was like a 2 liter of coke, some popcorn, a keychain, a bar of soap, some paper towels.. Just silly stuff but it was so sweet!

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