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Is it the 13th yet?

 |  Parenting

Every day is sloooowly draaaagging by. Every second feels like a minute, every minute like an hour. It’s still January. Why is it still January? Why is it not February? Can’t we get to the 13th already? I want to finish packing, I want to start moving, I want to get my furniture and belongings in to a new home, a fresh slate.

I’m looking forward to lower bills, more money, placing furniture, no stairs (yeah, I’m lazy), a quicker walk to the bus stop and to the shops. Doors that I can shut to keep the heat in (and the cats out, when I’m trying to do something). A gas meter that doesn’t run out of credit overnight leaving the house freezing cold.

I love this house, but I’m so looking forward to moving. Can you tell? Is it the 13th yet?

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  1. Kaylee said:

    Maybe if you keep asking the 13th will come sooner! ;)

    I can understand your anticipation, though. I am desperately waiting for Monday (start of a new school semester), and that’s only 5 days away.

  2. Mimi said:

    The more you’re looking forward to something, the slower time seems to go by. I can understand your anticipation though, moving to a new place that is nicer and less expensive and more convenient can get people very excited :D

  3. Liz said:

    That’s right and then when it comes to the very day of the thing you are looking forward to it goes by way too fast D:
    I really want Saturday to be oooover!

  4. Vii said:

    Ah – February 13th is my birthday! Moving sounds stressful, though I suppose its always amazing to start anew. Money money money. Personally, though, I love stairs.

  5. Anthony said:

    I’m moving soon and I cannot wait because the house is so much better. It’s a weird feeling, yet sad at the same time since your leaving the place you’ve lived in for so long. It’ll be here soon!!

  6. Brenda said:

    February 13th happens to be Friday the 13th. o.O

    Haha, I’d wish time will slow down a little though. On my side – it seems to be passing too quickly.

  7. Erin said:

    Heh! It’ll come soon enough. Maybe you ought to do a countdown to celebrate. And I hope that your move goes very smoothly when it does come around. =D

  8. Chans said:

    It’s been a long time since I last saw someone looking forward to Friday 13th. I can’t blame you though, it’s exciting to move into a new house and start fresh (and of course have more money!!!)

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