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Furry Friday: Sleepy Kitties

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The cats have had an adventurous week. Indeed, Hex nearly gave me a heart attack. Karl and I returned from work yesterday, opened the back door as usual, only to be tripped up by Fudge while Hex made a dive for it. It was a set up, I’m sure of it. Karl had to make a run for it down the garden, in the dark, chasing a black cat. Easier said than done. Thankfully he was ‘rescued’ half way down the path and peace was restored.

Fudge got up to mischief earlier on in the week, rendering a half-used toilet roll in to shreds. Never have I had a cat that is so fascinated with toilet tissue before. Of course, it’s only one of his weird habits (he likes eating burnt oven chips, too).

Anyway, picture time! Apologies for the terrible quality; I had little light, and I’m not entirely sure how the whole tweaking contrast/colours/etc bit works in GIMP yet:

sleepy boys

As you can probably tell, they were less than impressed about being poked for a picture. They’re not keen on the cold nights at all, and spend all of their free time (i.e. whenever they’re not eating) under the radiator.

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22 comments so far

  1. Jem said:

    Important entry note: Hex was looking at me as if to say "if you don’t fuck off with that camera I shall tear your face to shreds". This is totally normal for Hex. ;)

  2. Aaron said:


    I love cats, and Hex and Fudge are so adorable together. Although, Hex kind of looks like he isn’t too pleased with you at the moment.

  3. Hev said:

    Sooo cute. Thanks Jem. I love Furry Fridays!

    Yep, that would be a set up. Hex wanted to go out to play. I am surprised that this is the first time they have done that. You will have to watch them closely. They will try again.

  4. Vasili said:

    Gwen does the same thing when it’s cold. I find her sitting (if not sleeping) near the radiator under the kitchen table. It cracks me up. XD

    I love Hex’s face.

  5. Wendy said:

    My cat likes to play with all sorts of paper, toilet roll included. It will attempt to shred them into pieces as well, before chasing after those tiny pieces. All in all, it just means more work cleaning up after them.

  6. Megan said:

    That is a really cute picture. My cats do really weird things too. One of my cats likes to drink out of the toilet and the other one likes to eat popcorn.

  7. Anita said:

    Grrr, I never liked GIMP. Aside from the fact it never works on my computer (stops loading and shuts down after loading the fonts has started) their are a lot of pet peeves. For instance, color editing layers only effect the image but then don’t go into it’s own layer. :P

  8. Vera said:

    Chasing a black cat in the dark?? Now THAT is one hell of a task I hope not to have to do too soon. :\

    Hex looks positively menacing in that picture, you know?

  9. Mimi said:

    Cats are evil sometimes! I woke up to a shredded roll of paper towels the other day with an adorable grey kitten giving me lovey eyes. Evil cats!!

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