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Furry Friday: Piggy Expedition

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The new flat has a kitchen with a door, which means we can shut it off from the cats and let the piggies get some exercise. So far, they’re absolutely loving it:

guinea pigs adventure

In other furry news, we’ve finally started the cats on the litter kwitter again. What with one thing and another (waiting for the bathroom to be done, getting Fudgey, etc) we never did properly put the cats on it at the old house. Anyway, they’ve been using it for a few days with total success. No “accidents” so far!

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  1. Sarah said:

    Aww, that’s so nice they get to get out and move around once in a while. I always felt bad for my caged animals because I felt like they never got to go experience the world. Maybe I’m weird, but I think it’s great that they have that opportunity. Good luck with the litter kwitter!

  2. Anthony said:

    Every Friday these posts make me want little piggies even more. Guinea Pigs or a Flemish Giant (rabbit), I can decide. But your piggies are so cute ^.^

    Litter Kwitter aha, that’s genius!!!

  3. Ron Russell said:

    The little pigs are cute—use to have two, then six, then a lot more—finally, I had enough. Use to let them loose in the house my small dog use to play with the little critters–fun to watch. However found out they would eat away the insulation on the lamp cords, etc. Finally and sadly got rid of all of them.

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