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ZOMG! Piggies!

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Our little piggies are not so small any more, so I thought I’d update you guys with a few pictures. These were taken yesterday:

(Sorry about the flash on that last one, such is the downside to wriggly piggies and an indoor hutch!)

You can’t really see how much they’ve grown, but I would say they’re double the size they were when we got them. We ended up sticking with Ginger and Afro for names in the end, as nothing else seemed to suit. Already they have two very different personalities… Ginger is loud and bossy, where as Afro is quite shy and spends most of his time cuddled up in the hay. Both have a soft spot for certain foods and so you know who’ll go for which veg first at tea time!

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  1. Jamie said:

    lol.. my mom would NEVER let me have a pet like that the only pets i have are my two adorible hermit crabs Tod & Herve & she barley approves of them there in a cage!! gosh..

  2. Kaylee said:

    I was about to ask how long until they start reproducing, but then I remembered that they’re both male xD Definitely cute, though!

  3. Bubs said:

    Your babies are so cute <3 What are their favorite veggies? Have you taught them any tricks?

    Coco will ‘wheak’ when she hears the refrigerator door open and/or the carrot bag rattle. She’ll also say ‘thank you’ with a purr ;)

  4. Mimi said:

    I think those names are quite suitable. I remember when you told me their then-temporary names, I thought I was going to burst into giggle fits about Afro. Love it! So adorable… I kind of want one now!

  5. Anthony said:

    I’ve always wanted a Guinea Pig. Unfortunately my mom never let me have one because she said they were dirty. Yours don’t look dirty >.> so I guess she lied. I’ve also always wanted a bunny. She let me get a rat but not a little Guinea Pig…

  6. echo said:

    Aw, they are so cute! (I’m such a cavy slave.) And they are getting big! I totally want to hold them! I want to hear them whoop and feed them treats!

    My boys have opposite personalities as well. Hamilton is outgoing, but Monroe is my shy guy. Seriously, he’s the shyest GP I’ve ever met, though he usually whoops first, and louder, than Hamilton does.

    Have they amicably settled which one is the dominant piggie? I had to separate Hamilton & Monroe because their dominance battles got out of hand :(

    To anyone who wants to enjoy the company of GPs, I’ll point you to because it has excellent care guides and for better housing solutions. If you’re in the US and want hay that makes them go completely bananas, is the place to shop. /end of my little GP PSA

    More cavy “pigtures” is the future, please! :D

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