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One Rule for Them

 |  Parenting

Remember how back in May last year I told you all that I thought that the Madeleine McCann kidnapping was neglect? Apparently the majority of you agreed with me. I’m sure there were others around the country who felt the same; others in positions of power who could do something about it. Yet, no, the family were treated as victims, and nothing was done about the blatant disregard for the children’s safety.

So why is it that 3 children have been taken into protective custody — 3 children much older than the McCann children — because a parent or guardian wasn’t home to supervise them? Why this total change on how we deal with parents who’ve got better things to do with their time than watch their own children?

One rule for them, another for the rest of us…

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  1. Matt said:

    Well, the McCann’s had a good enough reason to leave their children :/ They had to eat! And you can’t really expect them to eat crappy food on holiday. Going to the restaurant and leaving the children there was really the only plausible solution.

  2. Millie said:

    It’s probably only due to the fact that the two cases were in different countries, if the McCanns had been in this country at the time of the abduction then perhaps the case would have been treated a lot differently. Also, the public probably viewed the McCanns less harshly and acted more compassionately towards them due to the fact they had lost a child and were going through turmoil.

    I’d say it’s similar to a case recently where an 18 month old child has died from being shot with an air gun by his sister, that’s viewed as a terrible accident but what is their father doing with an air gun around them anyway? Also, he must have put it down near them and turned away! Blatent case of neglect in my opinion.

    Btw, I think it was partly the McCanns fault for leaving their children and i’m not defending them here!

  3. Ann said:


    I agree with Sarah, too.

  4. Mumblies said:

    I agree with you Jem, one rule for those with money and status and another for normal folk.
    I still think that the McCanns knew more than they let on about the missing child and in MY opinion they both had something to do with her disappearance too.

  5. Regine said:

    I still believe she killed her daughter accidentally or something and that they made the body disappear…I think there’s more to the story than what it has come out. So I don’t know how much one rule for them, one rule for others apply here, although it does in every case.

  6. Emsz said:

    I think it’s ridiculous that the children were taken in for protective custody… When I was 11 I regularly looked after my brother and sister by myself. Granted they weren’t 5 and 6, (they were 8) but I still think that it wasn’t a big deal.

    Parents should be able to leave the house on occasion, shouldn’t they?

  7. Holly said:

    I’d never considered that before actually, although it makes a awful lot of sense! Still, neglect or no neglect, it’s not going to bring that poor little girl back! :(

  8. Joe said:

    I agree 100% with this post. Theres something not right about Kate & Jerry.
    I like many others though, Now believe Maddie is.. dead. Although I do wish that she is still alive, but not for peace of mind of the parents.

    Oh and Jem, Google releases its browser today, ‘Google Chrome’ I expect a full review of it :D haha

  9. Olivia said:

    Wow, it really is a bubble-wrap-your-kids society now isn’t it? What happened to a bit of mud? Haha, not quite, but you see my point.

    Perhaps I disagree with Jem on the McCann case because I have no experience at raising children – although I’m a fair babysitter! On holiday you act differently (just look at the English’s drunken antics on holiday!), so my feeling is that such an event would certainly not have happened when they were at home. I always felt (through what the media told me anyway) that the McCanns really were not to be judged as bad parents.

    Sarah, your comment raises light on a lot of issues! Interesting stuff :)

  10. ErisDS said:

    Why didn’t you call the police? Seriously, if a child came up to me and said those things I would take them to the police. If the kid was just playing up and it was actually their parents, the police can clear it up, no harm done. If it’s actually a missing child… my god, do people not think?? Nope.. that’s Amsterdam she was probably too stoned.

    There is something very wrong with Kate and Jerry, but whatever it is, I think Maddy is out there trying to find someone to help her.

  11. Emma said:

    What really annoyed me about the McCann story is that from the offset child neglect was overlooked, and I’ve always thought that the parents looked a bit ‘cold’ if that’s the right way to put it in interviews etc, about the dissappearance of their daughter.

    I think the media are making such a big deal over this because the parents were doctors (I completely agree with Sarah on this), but people go missing all the time, and their parents don’t go visiting the Pope for a bit of attention.

    Sorry, but I have no sympathy for Jerry and Kate because they left their young children alone while they went off gallavanting and didn’t hire someone to look after them (there apparently was a Nanny service at the hotel). There really was no excuse to leave them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had something to do with her dissappearance.

  12. Chans said:

    There should never be different rules for the rich, but unfortunately it happens everywhere in this world and that’s probably never going to change. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t horrible that Maddy went missing (or as I see it; is dead), and as far as I’m aware (thanks to reports from a dutch-portugese on this forum I’m on) the police there is still working on the case and I truly hope that someday it’s solved and that whoever is responsible is / are punished. From everything that has come out in the media, I do think that the parents had something to do with it.

    Those three children that have now been placed in foster care while they investigate the mother’s leave for two weeks are in a horrible situation. They are now taken away from their home situation and living with strangers, and even though it’s probably very scary and traumatic for them it’s in their best interest. No child should be left unattended at that age, no matter for how long.

    I just really hope that the UK wakes up and does something about the neglect in the McCann case, as apparently they too have / had a habit of leaving their children unattended.

    and finally, ErisDS why are you generalizing everyone in Amsterdam, just because we have different laws when it comes to drug (ab)use it doesn’t mean everyone uses it. It gets old to hear people say that all the time. Which doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you on certain parts; like warning the police, especially when the whole Maddy disappearance is still ‘active’

  13. ErisDS said:

    @Chans. My apologies. I got carried away with being angry at the woman in the video. I wasn’t trying to say that’s what everyone in Amsterdam was like. However I did think that she looked and sounded like that type of person, and that it was more likely because it was Amsterdam, although that doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

    I absolutely agree on the neglect thing, I have been annoyed about that for the beginning, why weren’t they ever charged with neglect?

  14. Rise said:

    Society is filled with morons, of course. :)

    Still, that McCann story makes front page news. She’s probably dead, and the parents are fucktards for being shit parents, because if they weren’t, their daughter would still be here.

    Hah. Loving my misanthropy. :)

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