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Extending our Family

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Karl and I have been talking for some time now about the prospect of expanding our family. Although it’s a big step, and the current financial climate doesn’t make for perfect circumstances, I think we could spend forever waiting for “the right moment” only to realise it’s been and gone, and it’s too late. We’ve discussed the whole thing in great detail, weighing up the pros and cons, and think we’ve come to the right decision.

Yes, we decided to get two guinea pigs :)

They’ve not yet been named, although I’ve taken to calling them Afro Pig and Ginger Pig in the mean time (I’m sure you can guess which one is which). They’re both about 7 weeks old, both male. Hopefully it won’t be long before I can get some better pictures, but for now they’re hiding so we have to make do. :)

Feel free to suggest names!

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51 comments so far

  1. Mumblies said:

    How about Giggles and Fluff? Probably really naff names, but what do I know?
    Whatever you decide to call them, they are cute :)

  2. Arwen said:

    Haha, at first I thought you guys were planning to have kids. Then I clicked on the “read more…” and my assumptions were quickly corrected. Cute!!

  3. Brenda said:

    Toffee and Blackforest! :D

    I actually thought of ‘Chocolate Fudge Brownie’ for the darker one but I guess Fudge will get confused! :P

    Speaking of which, how’s Fudge doing?

  4. Janet said:

    Eek! Guinea pigs! We used to have like 50 of them. They’re awesome. I wish I could help you with a name, but I would probably come up with something that would mean something to me, but not to you. You could give them coding terms as names?

  5. Hev said:

    They are adorable, Jem. Just do your best to make sure they don’t get out. Or Hex & Fudge will think you are giving them a new kind of food. Sorry but no matter how tame a cat is they always retain their hunter instinct. They will probably love watching them though.

    What about Coffee & Boo?

  6. Julie said:

    I read the whole first part wondering “Mmm, what pet is she talking about?”:P

    I used to have two rats called Harold and Maude. They were both female.

  7. Noellium said:

    Ooh, guinea pigs. :D

    Cappucino and Espresso.

    Or if you’re feeling rather geeky, [programming language] and [another programming language] (extending a bit on what Janet said). ^_^

  8. Rhiannon said:

    You can’t fool me, Jem – I knew it’d be another pet :P

    I used to have two guinea pigs – Ruby and Pearl, when I was eight. I had hardly had them for a year when they both passed away. My mum said it was due to ‘natural causes’, however I’m more inclined to believe it was something to do with my cat, whose most popular hangout spot was on top of their cage O_o

    How about Toffee and Creamy? Or, if you’d like to pay homeage to Piczo users, which you don’t, Toffeeee && Creamii. Maybe I should go now…

  9. Vickie said:

    My friend had a hamster and a cat at the same time once. And like Rhiannon’s, the cat’s favourite hangout spot was on top of the cage as well…

  10. Noellium said:

    @Tanya: If Hex and Fudge are anything like our cats, they’ll probably just ignore the guinea pigs once they get bigger. I let Muffin or Peach come up and sniff Mocha (my guinea pig), but they really don’t know what to do after that (my mom thinks its because guinea pigs are usually too large for cats to do anything with).

    I don’t know what to say if the GPs are babies though.

  11. Sarah said:

    SQUEEEEAK squeak squeak squeaksqueaksqueak!

    I had like eight guinea pigs at one time when I was a kid because my first pair had babies. I loved having them, especially a girl named Elsie whose fur was the same color as my hair (she was my first piggy). I hope you have fun with yours. :)

  12. Chans said:

    Ah nice, guinea pigs! I’m really bad at thinking of names but I’m sure it will come to you soon enough. It will just ‘hit’ you and it will stick :)

  13. echo said:

    Yay! GPs!!! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP! If you haven’t named them yet, I’m sure it will come to either of you. Just observe them and you might find their names will just pop into your head. Well, that’s how it always happens with me, anyway ;)

    They are lovely — ain’t being a GP slave grand?

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