BellaBook3.6 Release

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BellaBook3.6 is out with some big-ish changes behind the scenes (tidying, etc). Mostly the same up front :) Testing would be appreciated as it’s late and I’m knackered, but always back-up entries.txt first.

Update: fixed some typos that were causing edit/delete errors. Please re-download. I really shouldn’t code at 11pm of an evening. :/

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  1. Louise said:

    Yay! I’m sorry to say, but I deleted my BellaBook installation ages ago because it was receiving too much spam… But I was considering adding a guestbook to my portfolio site. :( Have you done anything in terms of spam protection – can something be done?

  2. Vanesa said:

    Great! I’m testing it right now, but when I go to admin.php I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: doadminheader() in /home/www/ on line 299

  3. Jem said:

    @Louise: what version were you running? There have been several spam protection additions/improvements in the past couple of versions :)

    @Vanesa: make sure you update all files (except prefs.php) – that function is defined in config.php

  4. barbilee said:

    jem could this be usesed with wordpress? and if so how hard it it to incgrade in there? and would it be anyusesful snice wordpress has the coment thing anyway?

    and i was wondering maybe its in your site some where and i missed it but. bella … whats the meaning behid this name for you?

  5. Nyx said:

    Thank you Jem! I tested it out on one of my sites (the one whose URL is currently linked to this comment) and aside from not being able to add spamwords from the admin board, like Annie (I always preferred to add them directly in the txt file anyway) it works like a charm! I’ve tried signing the guestbook with spam comments I had gotten through it in the past months and this time the spam filter caught them.

    Thanks again! I’m gonna change my guestbooks on my other sites now.