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Obligatory Snow Pictures

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As some of you are probably already aware, large portions of the UK woke up to a white blanket this morning, and snow continued to fall throughout the day. For me, this is great: I love the snow. It’s like Christmas all over again! Of course, this means that the first thing I did when I finished work was grab my camera…

snow day!

snow day!

snow day!

Unfortunately I don’t finish until 5pm so it was already starting to get dark out, but at least I got chance to make a snowman — temporary distraction from my broken keyboard… :) (Even if I did forget to bring a carrot for his nose!)

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  1. Annie said:

    All I saw this morning was a very light sprinkle of snow on the ground but then it started snowing heavier :D I love the snow. My attempt at making a snowman was not as good as yours, as it crumbled, heh. The pictures are lovely, I also took pictures of the snowy scenery :) It’s just a shame it’ll only last one day.

  2. Kirsty said:

    Far more than we got, although we must have had some more since I got home, as it is white outside now. Love the pictures. :)

  3. Jordan said:

    It seems like everyone is going through a bit of a “deep freeze” period. This past week almost all of the United States was under 40 degrees Fahrenheit . It’s been a long time since I played in the snow. Usually I end up cursing at it when it’s covering everything under the sun. But now I’m happy; My car isn’t white from the salt and snow ‘stains.’ It’s nice and shiny, and looks brand new! Sooo happy. Psst, nice snowman ;)

  4. Montoya said:

    Your snowman inspired a poem: Poor ugly snowman, so lonely and cold If winter lasts long, we’ll watch you grow old That’s all I came up… I’m not good at poetry lately.

  5. Jessica said:

    I’m glad to see you folk in the UK finally got some snow! I was a little concerned when I saw pictures taken in the UK of flowers in bloom and BEES. I couldn’t believe there were bees! Poor little guys are probably all gone now with the snow. Your snowman is fun. I need to build one this winter.

  6. Rachael said:

    There’s millions of snowmen down in the midlands where I am. I even saw a snow man with an erection. That was weird… Glad you’re enjoying the snow.

  7. Louise said:

    just thought I’d commnt. I’m British too and college has been cancelled in what seems like forever, due to the snow. Been reading all your archives and your content and I really love this site. You’ve really inspired me to actually start validating my html and I’m going to start doing it all tomorrow (saturday 10 feb 07) . And to stop providing celebrity based fansite layouts and stuff that I really shouldn’t be doing. :) It’s nice to see someone with contructive critism. Someone once did leave a comment on my website which was relatively nasty and uncalled for, they gave no points to try and help me become a better web designer, but you have on all your pages and you have just made me want to improve. :) I really want to thank you for that. Sorry if my English isn’t upto scratch I’m an art student and we barely write much so I’m a bit behind on my spelling and punctuation. Good luck with everything I’m going to keep checking back and commenting because I really want to improve my web design skills amongst other things. :). I’m a 17 year old girl. I started when I was 14 and I am still learning (my friends turned on me for no reason so I had a whole summer of just the internet with nothing to do and so that’s where I began). I love to learn as html is becoming more of a passion for me. Your tips are so helpful to me. :) I just want to say a big THANK YOU again. You are truely a life or should I say site saver. I don’t intend to make any eneies and I hope I haven’t with you by posting this.

  8. Chans said:

    It was like that in The Netherlands too yesterday, lots of snow and it kept falling from the sky all throughout the day. Luckily I work evenings so I was able to enjoy it all day. It’s been a long time since we had a decent amount of snow here. It was absolutely beautiful to look at. Unfortunately when it starts melting everything starts to become so messy and dirty, yuk .

  9. Josh(ua/y) said:

    Only a light shower of snow in Norfolk, most of it melted as it hit the ground anyway. The middle picture is odd; I can’t make out what on earth the various things are.

  10. Sarah said:

    Snow. Grumble. I’m from a balmy/humid climate and can’t quite adjust to these less than idealic temperatures. Woe! At least that’s a kickin’ sweet snowman. I can’t really boast those MAD SKILLZ.

  11. Rhiannon said:

    I’ve never been in snow, although I’ve seen it once on top of a mountain in the middle of the North Island. It snows quite heavily at the bottom of the South Island, but I’ve never been down that way. (Hardly anyone in NZ has, the South Island kinda…sucks). I liked the photos you put up, Jem. Made me feel a little weird though, seeing as it’s the middle of a blisteringly hot summer where I am. Take care, hope all is well.

  12. Karl said:

    The middle pic is a war memorial footbridge, spanning the river severn at Jackfield, 2 minutes from the flat…it really was a picture perfect scene..:)

  13. Carly said:

    Oh my god. Litterally 30 seconds ago, I’m lying in bed half asleep and my laptop is next to me, I am wrapped in my quilt and turn over, my quilt knocks a cup onto my brand new laptop keyboard… Lucky for me, I am slovenly ! So the cup had been there 3 days and any remaining drops of liquid at the bottom had solidified! PHEW!!! Bloody Phew!!!

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