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My Giant To-Do List(s)

 |  Misc, Personal

Because I’ve figured out that I work better to a list (or ten)…


  • Valentines thanks, heart-shaped ‘shrooms
  • Bees of the week/honeybeez for today
  • Process the remainder of the submitted eggs
  • Distribute eggs to princess bees
  • Choose new workerbees to replace old one/s
  • Trade with any of 7 pending trade-ees

General Web

  • Finish fix for Bella scripts ‘losing lines’ bug
  • Finish new phpFanBase
  • Finish new tutorialtastic CMS and tutorials, tagging system etc
  • Finish dissecting CuteNews for purposes of education and spam-proofing
  • Write review of certain script distributor still in my hit list


  • Get Karl’s birthday card (April 5th)
  • Get Lou’s birthday present
  • Purchase easter goodies: Robin, Charlotte, Dylan
  • Arrange to actually see Charlotte and Dylan — 3 weeks is too long.
  • Book eye test — must do at same time as Karl(!)

Ugh. My to-do list for work is too large to include in one entry. Must have break.. see daylight, eat chocolate, not think about websites. Must break connection to Internet. Must sleep. :9

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