Irony or Just Hypocrisy?

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Three times over the last month (that’s four weeks, not since the 1st of June) I’ve received envelopes from my bank absolutely stuffed with various adverts for loans, a variety of different accounts, online banking, etc. This is all printed on very shiny/glossy paper, which I believe (but could be wrong about) is not recyclable which I probably should have recycled.

I got my bank statement through today. No surprises there, it’s about that time again. Except that in today’s envelope was yet another advert as well as a leaflet telling me that I should consider using online statements so that I could help save the bank paper. Erm, dear paper-pushing idiots at HSBC… how about you stop sending me flyers and leaflets for shit that I’m not interested in, and you’ll save yourself the paper!

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  1. Katy said:

    shiny paper is recyclable :) I think I must have somehow opted out of bank-related junk mail at some point as I only ever get statements now

  2. Jem said:

    shiny paper is recyclable :) In that case I’ll just use my defence “oh, we don’t have a kerbside collection thingy” :p

  3. Belinda said:

    Send the adverts back to them! The ones we get come back with pre-paid envelopes in case we actually want to sign up…stick the flyers in there and mail ’em back :P

  4. Shaun said:

    Wow, banks are weird in that way. It’s funny how a bank that should have loads of money can’t afford paper. Also Jem, I was using AOL earlier this morning and noticed a weird misalignment issue on your Ask A Question page. I didn’t think to look for others to inform you of those also, I apologize for that. Here’s a screen shot in case you need it:

  5. Ashley said:

    Do what Belinda said. Send them back. :D I get all kinds of crap in my mail too. Most of the crap I get is credit card offers. :P But I have gotten ads and things in my other bills and statements. Annoying.

  6. Aaron said:

    I love seeing other people get junk mail. I never get it, seeing as I’m 15, but it’s funny to see how pissed off my parents get at all these “free” trips to Cuba and T.V. subscription letters coming in the mail. Evil? Maybe, but around here, it’s (sadly) very entertaining.

  7. Mumblies said:

    You don’t have to have a kerbside box to recycle, you can leave papers in a normal carrier bag tied up. They will take it away. Be very careful to remove your name and address from any loan or credit card paperwork though………Identity theft is big nowadays.

  8. Josh(ua/y) said:

    Some banks send me offers for loans, which is strange because I’m not 18 for a while, and that’s the age limit. I just send it back, without a stamp so that the banks have to pay.

  9. Elysa said:

    I switched to paperless statements a while ago and the bank does not send email junk. I like it much better. I wish everything was paperless.