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Customer Service.. what’s that?

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Customer accidentally asks for their shopping to be sent to the wrong address. Customer tries to get parcel redelivered but the couriers refuse and send the contents back to the depot. Customer e-mails online retailer and asks for the parcel to be resent, quite happy to pay second delivery costs. Do you, as said retailer:

  • a) Bill the customer for the second delivery and send their goods back to them
  • b) Ignore the e-mail, send a refund for the price of the goods with no reference or list of stock back to the customer so they’ve not got a clue why they’re receiving £40.00

Despite one slightly negative experience, customer places another larger order. Shortly after placing the order, customer receives an e-mail branded as if from a completely different store. Although potentially confusing and intimidating, customer can tell what has happened and e-mails retailer to let them know. Do you, as the retailer:

  • a) Reply to the e-mail, thanking the customer for their time, promising to fix the error as soon as possible.
  • b) Ignore the e-mail for several days, then reply out of the blue with a very snotty generic response that is in no way relevant.

Customer receives above order on time and at the correct delivery address… customer is happy until they open their package to discover that in place of one £5.00 top there is a £20.00 skirt which is of little use because it’s the wrong size and customer doesn’t wear skirts anyway. Customer doesn’t want to rip off their now not-as-favourite retailer so goes out of her way to use scummy public transport to travel to the nearest store in the hope that they’ll get their £5.00 back. Do you, as the retailer:

  • a) Thank the customer for their honesty and for returning the skirt and refund them the £5.00 for the top that they’ve not received.
  • b) Leave the customer standing in the middle of your store for nigh-on 30 minutes while you dick around “out back” because you’re obviously incapable of doing your job. Finally you return to inform customer that you can’t refund the top, you can’t refund the skirt (despite the fact that customer doesn’t want a refund for it) and customer is to go away and waste time and money calling their customer services number.

If you answered “b” to any/all of the questions above, you obviously work for Dorothy Perkins or their apparently useless parent company Arcadia Group. Well done, you’ve fucked about another customer who intends to spend her handsome amounts of dosh elsewhere.

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

20 comments so far

  1. Rachael said:

    Never ever get a gift card from any of the Arcadia Group stores. Sure, they make work cross-store, but it’s unethical to use a DP voucher in TopShop! And some of the time, the gift cards don’t work. They tried to tell me my gift card (which had 20 quid on it – Grandma sent me the receipt as proof) had no credit on it! As if! *sigh*

  2. Claire said:

    Flog the skirt on ebay for a profit and then file an official complaint RE: the shit treatment you’ve received. Be sure to tell them that you’re NEVER shopping with them again and you’ve advised all friends/family to do the same, include a link to this page too. :)

  3. Kelly said:

    @ Mike: Dorothy Perkins is a shop. It sells clothes (as you may have been able to guess, as Jem *cough* the ficticious customer *cough* attempted to buy a top but eventually got a skirt). A lot of my friends have had bad experiences shopping with the Acradia group… This is just another to add to the list. They really should sort out their act!

  4. Rilla said:

    I was going to suggest consumer protection laws as Vera did but on second thought, they’re not directly violating any consumer protection laws it’s just… bad service I suppose. But rather than wasting the time/money to call the crap customer service line, I’d sell the skirt off elsewhere. Afterall, you end up with some little profit for all the time you just wasted.

  5. Annie said:

    I hate stores that have stupid/ignorant/rude people working there. They want people to give them money, yet they can’t be bothered to properly help their customers. How awful.

  6. Sara said:

    What idiots! I would NEVER, EVER, rely on them for ANYTHING! You about have to be uneducated to even consider “b” as an option for any of those!

  7. Tanya said:

    After suffering a similar experience with Dorothy Perkins in the past, and an even more long-winded and more irritating experience with Asda more recently (long story short, never ever use their home delivery service), I’m almost close to giving up on online shopping altogether. I say almost, because I’m lazy and hate queuing for things :(

  8. Chans said:

    I seriously think they don’t have customer service high on their list, or on their list at all. Instead of appreciating honesty they actually asked to be ripped off…

  9. Rachael said:

    Give away the skirt in a Jemjabella contest! Wear it first, then you can advertise it as “officially worn by Jem”. People will go crazy.

  10. Xuan said:

    Yuck. Somebody stab them in the eye with a pencil for giggles. I don’t think there’s really anything more productive to do than move on. Sell said skirt, I say.

  11. Brenda said:

    That’s odd, Dorothy Perkins’ customer service seems pretty all right here in Singapore. The salesgirls are attentive and all. Although I must say I haven’t tried their online store – and after reading the above, doubt I ever will. :P

  12. Annie said:

    That’s just awful. I’ve never shopped at Dorothy Perkins but like others have said, sell the skirt. Then complain.

  13. Hev said:

    Customer Service is almost a thing of the past anymore. All they care about is getting the money. It is horrible. I remember when customer service was a thing that company’s worried about but now it is low on the important list. I am sorry that you had to go through that.

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