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BBC ‘loves’ its single quotes

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I can exclusively reveal that the BBC website editors have a serious addiction problem. This news may come as a shock to some, but I know a few who’ve noticed the dramatic increase over the years. It’s a serious case of infatuation with the single quotation mark (or his twin brother, the apostrophe, whichever way you like it).



Be careful, this obsession ‘is infectious’.

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17 comments so far

  1. Yara said:

    I think I’ve caught the single quotation mark bug :( I don’t sneak it in my writing as much as BBC does, but I’m finding more and more each day! But that definently made me laugh.

  2. Carmen said:

    It ‘surely’ is- addictive, that is. I always thought the double apostrophe/normal quotation marks were ‘correct’, but I’m starting to realise that this may be a U.K (or Northern Hemisphere, actually) thing.

  3. Mike said:

    When someone has a go at a person, company, or whatever, I’ll usually try and defend them, if for no other reason than they need an advocate when everyone else is attacking them. It happens a lot with Zilla on Cock, although in her case I never bother posting anything because it’s a waste of time to argue a different position. In this case though, you’re right. I love the BBC, but god damn, there’s no need for any of those quotation marks. People should assume that when they read headlines such as those, they’re already paraphrasing something that the story will yield more details (and quotes) about. In the BBC’s defence (oops, looks as though I’m defending them), litigation and lawsuit culture has got to a point where you really do have to be careful with sources. People can sue you because you didn’t attribute a quote to them, or because you did. It’s not easy to protect yourself and in ensuring that even their headlines acknowledge outside sources, the BBC is taking a very simple step in trying to do so. But maybe, just maybe, they should grow some fucking balls.

  4. Carly said:

    Imagine reading every single headline in a paper, or online with ‘these’ around them. — Man wins ‘pie eating’ contest –Celeb kicked out ‘jungle’ –etc etc soon get annoying – ‘wouldn’t it’?

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