Abandoning My Blog


Yes, that’s right, I am confessing to abandoning my blog (amongst other things, like Snark). This past fortnight I’ve been spending every minute of free time working with Bubs to re-develop the quilting bee. There’s so many new features and functionality I’m not sure how we have managed to do it all!

Those of you who’ve been members before (or are members) will know that apart from checking the members list, there really wasn’t much to do with the old q*bee. Things have changed :) Now bees have their own profiles, bee*mail, points to earn by taking part in activities and referring new members, the “find a bee” (by interest/location/name) box, integrated honeybee and workerbee control panels… the list is virtually endless.

It’s not finished, but at least now that it’s been released to the public and I don’t have to maintain two separate clubs I can start to restore order to my life ;)

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