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Want More Hits?

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Blog about Britney Spears. ( Keyphrase Search Percent britney spears 132 5.7% britney spears commando 55 2.3% jem 47 2%

I am slightly offended that people are more interested in Britney Spears wearing no panties than they are in me. :(

Btw: for those not bored of my self-pity and whining, I went to the doctor today because my tonsils are so swollen I’m having difficulty breathing. Anyway, the doc gets his little flashlight thing, peers into my mouth and recoils in horror. I swear, he looked like he’d just seen a bloody alien climbing out of my throat. Apparently my right tonsil was showing signs of pus. Niiiice.

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  1. Chans said:

    Hmm someone suggested I should get my site out there more so more people visit, maybe with a bit of help from Ms Spears things will start rolling… Sorry to hear about your throat Jem, I know how you feel I went to see my doctor yesterday and it turns out I have a throat and ear infection as well as an infection to my vocal chords.. Nice. Ooh well at least some think it’s nice and quiet around the house now since I can’t talk. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Jordan said:

    Well, what life threatening illness do you have?! Strep throat? Do you even get strep throat in that part of the world? ;) I kid! But no seriously, what did the flu turn into?

  3. Jem said:

    I kid! But no seriously, what did the flu turn into? The tonsil thing is really bad tonsillitis – the doc has given me penicilin that tastes like vomit. :|

  4. Jordan said:

    Ah, is it to the point where they need to be removed? I’ve never had any kind of issue with my tonsils, though I hear most end up engorging themselves with ice cream and mashed potatoes. Speaking of tasting like vomit, sounds like Pepto-Bismal. I remember being given it once for nausea and it ended up inducing it! So I hear ya one the tasting like vomit, though mine was more so literal ;P

  5. Julia said:

    I have caught something of a cold too. Except no coughing, stuffy nose or anything… just a fever of 102F/39Cish and horrible dizziness. Lets hope the both of us get better soon.

  6. Chans said:

    \ The tonsil thing is really bad tonsillitis – the doc has given me penicilin that tastes like vomit. :| Penicillin usually does… although I do remember that when I was a kid I got a strawberry flavored one. I suppose that was just to keep me from not taking it due to nasty taste though. They say that medication that tastes nasty usually works best.

  7. Lyle said:

    It surprises me that people actually want to see Brittany Spear’s ugly vag. Oh wait. Nevermind. It doesn’t. Geez. >.> I hate when you go to a doctor/pharmacist, show them your problem, and they flail backwards. It’s embarrassing. ._.

  8. Mel said:

    I know how you feel about the doctor thing. When I had Mono, my doctor looked down my throat and was very surprised. They ended up telling other doctors/nurses there and brought an intern in to learn about Mono! It was pretty awful.

  9. Melanie said:

    Oh, it’s all Brit, is it? Heheh. Actually, I was going to write a little scathing piece on that as well, so maybe it’ll help my traffic? [/needy] Very sorry to hear about the tonsils. I still have mine, by some miracle, although they puff up around the start of winter, every year.

  10. Anne said:

    Haha! Isn’t a shame somebody’s more interested in a singing weirdo than somebody who at least has some sense. Hope you get over your cold soon! Take LOTS of Vitamin C’s, until you get the “runs”, then back off a little. It does help!

  11. Hillarie said:

    Wow…my doctor has never done that to me…I got sick two weeks ago and now my mother is loading me with vitamins to strengthen my immune system. I’ll have to try your tip on posting about Britney Spears later on.

  12. Mae said:

    Jem hope you’ll feel better soon!! Are you sure you’re just feeling sick and your tonsil became like that not because of depression of what spears did to you? nevermind… I’m just saying hope you’d get well soon! :D

  13. Aimee said:

    So Britney Spears isn’t totally useless afterall! Kudos on the up in site hits, m’friend! ;) And as for the nasty case of tonsilitis – yuck! I say kick its ass and show it who’s boss.

  14. Shawna said:

    Jordie: Infections produce pus! Silly goose! My friend Jon just had very bad tonsillitis. Get your rest… and don’t talk too much. Hopefully you can eat more than just Jello.

  15. Kelly said:

    I’ve had similar symptoms to you for the past couple of days. My tonsils and glands are the size of golfballs, so I’m going to the doctors today… I think my doctor will also “recoil in horror” :P Get well soon!!

  16. Kachii said:

    Poor you, get well soon. I once had an ulcer on my tonsils. Worst. Pain. Ever. They couldn’t do anything about it on account of the fact it was too far down my throat to put cream on without me retching, and antibiotics and other drugs wouldn’t have helped – I just had to gargle salt water multiple times daily. Couldn’t eat much, and it hurt every time I turned my head, too.

  17. Belinda said:

    Due to your previous post, I think you should expect to find more searches with “testicles” in them. Sucks about your testi- err, tonsils though. Hope you get better!

  18. Dave said:

    Essh doesn’t sound too good, Jem! Hopefully the meds will kick in soon. My tonsils have always been fine, and unlike you my testicles have always been fine too. All you girls with viral infections here though – stop kissing boys!!!

  19. Jem said:

    Pussing tonsils thats not good at all, did the doctor say how much worse before they need to operate and take them out? No, but then I don’t usually get it this bad, it’s usually just minor swelling and soreness. To be fair, I am wondering if the pus was just mucus that had dripped down the back of my throat because of my cold (ew).

  20. Joshua Goodwin said:

    Here we all are discussing how we’re all nearly dead… but no. I’m ok, in comparison. But my legs are stiff, my nose is blocked, and I’m recovering from a bad cold. Nope, still sounds like a molehill next to you lots’ mountatins of pain an illness. Get well soon.

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