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Summer Holiday!

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The beauty of working in a place of education is that when the students are on holiday, the staff are on holiday.. that includes the poor over-worked ICT Technicians. 6 weeks of pure, paid, lazy bliss. Oh yes!

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  1. Frosty said:

    Damn. I’m still in school and I’m jealous of you! :P Although I don’t envy the students, only 6 weeks of break? That’s not shibby at all. :P

  2. Chans said:

    Lucky you! I’m happy I even got two weeks off work . In six hours I’m leaving for the Czech Republic though :) which sort of makes up for only having two weeks off.

  3. Vera said:

    Only six weeks? Wow summer holidays (for kids) last 3 months (both uni and high school). I think teachers have 2 months, on account of exams in september (you know, for those who didn’t pass in june).

  4. Tish said:

    I am SO GLAD it’s over for 6 weeks. If I have to face one more arrogant teacher or dumb technician (long story short: I was typing out HTML for a website project at school and the technician comes up behind me and says “what’s that?”) I will spontaneously combust. And I’m also happy I get to choose my options next year. Yay yay and yay. And you actually get paid for it? Wow. I’m definitely going to be a technician. Enjoy your lazy holiday :P

  5. Adastra said:

    *envy*. I wish we had something like that, but the whole company never goes on holiday. Though in this weather it would be a real treat. Nobody is in much of a mood to work in those temperatures. Anyways, I’ll have 4 weeks of vacation in October, which is fair enough ;)

  6. Karl said:

    here’s the even better bit…since I also work in a school, I’m off paid as well! So, 6 weeks of kicking Jems at at PCs..heh.

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