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Some New Links

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This PHP classes stuff is easier than it looks. I remember when I first started PHP I never thought I’d get the hang of functions, and now I consider myself an expert. Hah. ;D Functions + classes makes for a happy Jem. Anyway, just plugging some cool links I’ve discovered recently…

Awesome free icons at I was looking at icons on a website today that cost in the range of $240! Why pay when similar quality icons can be gained for free? Oh, and the guy that created them is based in the UK. Support the British!

You’ve all probably heard of I told myself I’d never sign up to it because I tend to store my links on my links page, but I figure that I can add my link to my own account and more people might visit. Yay.

Lastly: isocity. Because we’re all jealous of those isometric pixel creations. You talented b*****ds. I am tempted to create my own.. I won’t even pretend to think I’ll get on the site though.

That is all.

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8 comments so far

  1. Katy said:

    *needs to get off arse and learn objecty stuff* I have a account I think, not used it for ages though

  2. Sapphire said:

    I have over 300+ links on but I’m sure other users are further bogged by fanatical tagging. Vixx: Ma.gnolia is wrapped up slicker but doesn’t serve sweeter fruit, in my opinion.

  3. Aneesah said:

    I’ve never made a account but I did try out the other day, and kinda didn’t see the point of it. *shrug* I hardly even re-visit the links in my Bookmarks folder! I’m loving isocity. Pixel art rocks. Although I’ve never tried isometric pixel art… Maybe I will make something, though. If I’m extra bored.

  4. Carly said:

    Someone added my hosting website to del.ic.ous which is pretty funnnnky. I like that ico art thing, pretty cool! I’d never be able to make anything as good as that! :)

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