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My BellaBook Is Being Spammed!

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Alright, so no one has actually said it to me yet, but I can see it coming. People are getting spam in BellaBook3.1 — and it’s their own fault (honest!). BellaBook users are not making use of the features in the script. My personal installation of BellaBook hasn’t been spammed yet. Not once. Not at all. (Although perhaps that might change now I’ve advertised it in an entry? Oops.) Why not? Because I’ve been using my bad word list.

The bad word list is there for a reason and anyone with BellaBook needs to use it. It’s not a filter for swear words as some seem to think (and this is where I realise I should have called it “spam word list”), and it’s not going to “interfere with free speech” as others have suggested. It is there to block spam: plain and simple. Place the common spam words into your bad words list, spam messages will be blocked and you won’t *have* a spam problem.

If you’re struggling to figure out common spam words, feel free to help yourself to my bad words list. Copy the whole lot into your badwords.txt file, make sure there are no blank lines and then upload it. Tada: spam gone.

Edit (30th April): If you’re still suffering from spam you might want to follow the BellaBook: Additional Spam Protection tutorial.

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