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Memories of Doniford Bay

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I was going through my photos from over the past few years to see what I can pluck out of my collection for display on my new subdomain (aha, patience my friends) when I came across this:

weird sea critter

Excuse the poor quality, the photo was never intended for display and the light was very poor at the time. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can help me identify it? I assumed that it is some sort of sea critter that sat on the rock whilst the tide was in, and then was washed away again as the tide went out.

Any ideas?

Edit (8th April; 19:21): I’ve submitted an information request via the MarLIN — I hope someone can get back to me and fill me in because I’m really curious now. And no, it’s not a bloody sock.

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28 comments so far

  1. Carina said:

    I think it looks brilliant. I have no idea what it is though. You haven’t said so, but I can see quite a few changes around your site! The welcome message at the top, the post info and comments link being centered.. I’m going to poke around and see if I can find more :).

  2. Carly said:

    Wow! That’s pretty cool. At first I thought you had photographed some kind of ancient cave painting on a rock! Is it some kind of fish?

  3. Frosty said:

    No clue what it is, I still think it looks like a sock that someone bled in, but if it’s an actual animal, then I’d go with one huge bastard of a leech… *shudders* Creepy sea creature thingies like those creep me out to no end– they’re the one thing I don’t miss about living right by the ocean…

  4. Jem said:

    Jordie: it’s not a cockle, it’s a Chinaman’s Hat, or “Calyptraea chinensis”. Or at least that’s what I thought.

  5. Vera said:

    Ok, it’s not a sock… but it’s still cute. My second option is that a of veird sepia-looking thing. But I bet it’s something else…

  6. Claire said:

    [“At first I thought you had photographed some kind of ancient cave painting on a rock! “] You mean its *not* the infamous Aboriginal Art of Doniford Bay?? I always thought Somerset was synonymous with its Aborigine population and its cave art… Note: I’m not taking the piss out of Carly, as it does indeed look like a cave painting, I just find it amusing that the “cave painting” was found in such an unlikely place!

  7. Lynn said:

    Melted abalone? Cave painting? Flesh of a sea animal? I’m morbid. It still bears a striking resemblance to a sock, even if it isn’t. =)

  8. Gena said:

    Erm…a fossil? A really colourful fossil? I hope that when you get the results from MarLIN, it’ll turn out to be something really a a prehistoric jellyfish. :D

  9. Chans said:

    My first thought was a sock, but since it isn’t a sock my second guess would be some sort of painting on a rock. I’m very curious to know what it is so hopefully MarLIN can help you out.

  10. John said:

    It may well be of Australian origin. It looks a similar colour to the painting of a kangaroo which can still be seen on the rock armouring near the concrete breakwaters on Doniford beach. Probably done by the same, rather good, artist.

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