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looking for volunteers

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I’m looking for volunteers!

As most of you have probably heard (because I haven’t stopped going on about it) I have been developing tutorialtastic none stop for the past couple of weeks and I intend to get the new version up on Friday. My patience depending, of course.

Anyway, when it’s released I want it to get a new start — I want the new release to be a historal moment in the record of tutorialtastic’s history. To do this it’s going to need people to actually see it, and this is where you guys come in. I want to know how many people are willing to give tutorialtastic a plug on Friday in a blog entry, either at the end of a normal post, or a little one dedicated to it. Also, a plug in any forums you’re a member of wouldn’t hurt a bit, and neither would telling your friends.. ;)

I can’t give you anything for it (that’s why it’s called volunteering) but I will appreciate it a whole ton. If you are willing and/or think you’ll be able to.. feel free to comment on this entry to let me know and then just post on Friday (after I’ve announced it). To those who can/do in advance: thank you! :D

Jem Turner +44(0)7521056376

35 comments so far

  1. Keskat said:

    I don’t get much traffic, but I’ll plug ya. Tutorialtastic has been a huge help to me; I’d love to return the favor – even on a small scale. :o)

  2. Kathleen said:

    I don’t get much traffic either, but I’ll plug you. I think tutoraltastic is great. If it wasn’t for your site, I would have never learned how to make css layouts. :)

  3. Chrissy said:

    I work on Friday, so I dunno how possible a blog entry will be (because when I get home, all I want to do is kill myself or sleep), but I will try. :) Just for you. :)

  4. Rainbow said:

    I’m off friday so I should be able to post my entry to plug it. :) I don’t mind helping some one out at all. And plus your site helps me out more then you would ever know. I’m still learning PHP and well, your site has been helping.

  5. Amanda said:

    Sure thing, LJ’s getting the full Jem pluggage. :) Heck, I’ll even plug it on Umb-Rella, seems like we refer all our reviewees to at least one of your tutorials. ;)

  6. Shannon said:

    Heh, I’ll try to remember. But there’s a big chance I will. I’ll plug it on my regular blog and if I get a chance, this forum I’m in. It’s a free-hosting kind of forum, but I just go there for the good chat and nice people. Everyone there is a web developer/programmer kind of person, it seems. But some are still learning their stuff. They need tutorialtastic :D.

  7. Jenny said:

    I most certainly will! Yours is one of my favorite tutorial sites. Although, since no one reads my blog, it probably won’t do much for the cause…

  8. Joni said:

    I’ll plug tutorialtastic for you, I’ve used it in the past so it seems only fair…plus I’m really excited to see what new things you are going to add!

  9. Vera said:

    I’ll be willing… just so you see I’ll actually get off my lazy backside and blog on Friday (up until then I can happily enjoy being a walking zombie =P that’s exams for you; yay for having ended).

  10. Carina said:

    I’ll plug it once I see the new version haha. I just love tutorialtastic…. I would have never learned how to do includes (the right way), learn proper CSS, learn floats… I just love tutorialtastic.

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