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Hacker Refuses To Give Blood

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I was reading on slashdot and wired news about a convicted hacker who refuses to give blood.. and I’m wondering why this is even an issue?

If this guy was a convicted murderer or rapist that they were going to set free, I could see the need to have his DNA on file to compare against future cases, but this is a hacker — a guy involved in computers. If he were to penetrate the network of some major company, having his DNA wouldn’t help.. the last time I checked when you hack or crack into something you don’t tend to leave a little text file entitled “DNA test results.txt” for forensics to compare against DNA stored on their big computers. Or am I missing something..?

On a tangent, I am amused that the guy’s surname is “Lamo”, just ’cause it sounds like “lame-o” in my head. ;)

Edit: You’ve all probably noticed the new layout.. there’s also a new rant about football.

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  1. Chans said:

    It’s not so very weird they requested his blood for DNA though, as that’s what’s in the law. Which doesn’t mean the law isn’t weird, I can understand if you put DNA of rapists, murderers etc on file but for hackers (or drug offenders or white-collar criminals) I really don’t see much use. If worked with DNA and I’ve seen very weird places where DNA was found, but I’ve yet to find the first computer file that holds DNA coding ;)

  2. Chrissy said:

    NO WONDER MY HACKING ATTEMPTS NEVER WORK! I always leave a blood sample and even a little semen behind (of course, the semen isn’t mine…). Damn me and my stupidity.

  3. Katy said:

    the article says he offered other body bits for DNA sampling but they said no. I wonder what’s so great about blood… weirdos. Or lame-os if you prefer, hehe.

  4. Jordie said:

    If that’s why the law says about standard procedure for the procession of a criminal, then there’s not much point arguing it. The way I see it, it doesn’t matter if a DNA sample is useful or even necessary — it’s about covering all the bases, so to speak, should he escalate to a greater crime on his release.

  5. Jem said:

    If nobody argued against laws, then homosexuality would still be illegal, we’d have blacks for slaves, women wouldn’t be allowed to vote and you certainly wouldn’t have the freedom to be on the computer – you’d be off working somewhere to help support your family.

  6. Carly said:

    “the last time I checked when you hack or crack into something you don’t tend to leave a little text file entitled “DNA test results.txt” Oh, that explains alot… :S And the last point you just made in comments above ^^ I agree with.

  7. Daniela said:

    Maybe they want to have his DNA to compare it with the DNA snippets they picked up from PC keyboards…dunno why. By the way, nice new layout;-)

  8. Laurie said:

    Hi Jem, I saw your profile on SNOG! and realized it’s been a while since I last left a comment. I like your new layout; I wish I had the motivation like you. Only thing is, I feel like the mouseover on links would be nice if they just got an underline, rather than a color change. Thought I’d give an opinion to add to your large storage. Talk to you soon, and keep up the funny blogs! Laurie

  9. Vera said:

    Well… he might just head your advice and name the file ‘breasts.txt’… you know to mislead authorities… and then he might also encript the content… *cough* then again, I guess the DNA data is sort of standard procedure. His fingerprints might be found on a certain suspicious computer. On a side note, your new layout is GORGEOUS, and looks fabulous on my huge resolution (ok dad’s laptop, as my PC monitor decided to give up on me *cries*) of 1400x1050px. I need to learn fluid dimensioning.

  10. Ewa said:

    JEM! THIS NEW LAYOUT IS MARVELLOUS! sorry for this offtopic, but I had to write it but I’m really delighted with it! :)

  11. Carly said:

    /topic but I can see a few bugs: wp-themes link seems to be under index link in 800×600 FF EWA’s comment, above seems to be roughly 25px wider then all the rest. It feels like the main content div, and the sidebar divs need to be a little wider – and the sidebar a little more to the right. just my opinion! :)

  12. Kathleen said:

    The layout looks lovely. Very soothing color combination, and the header makes me feel like I am on an island vacation. (That just popped into my head, I know it sounds odd). Interesting that the hacker refuses to give blood; I understand if it was religious, but really now… How are you going to trace a hacker from a DNA sample?

  13. Maggie said:

    oh you mean you aren’t supposed to leave your blood results behind on every computer you are on? It probably shouldn’t have the first, last name and address with a picture of the place you leave then huh… hmph I’m going to have to work on breaking myself of this habit :D

  14. Shannon said:

    I love the new layout. The colour combination is really attractive. Ha-ha. Maybe Lamo’s (lame-o(no offence)) a little aglophobic (is that the word for fear of pain?). Which is why he offered fingernail clippings and hair. I thought that the files were named “My Deoxyribonucleic Acid (pwned).txt”

  15. Mariah said:

    Layout is purty… A color combination that is always a major favorite of mine… Makes me think of worms, which isn’t a bad thing because I adore the layout… I’m nor sure where worms came from. Random. I think its funny that you’ve changed his name to Lame-o. I like it! You’re always so entertaining.

  16. Niu said:

    I’ve been looking at the layout going ‘thats weird, it’s kind of out of line’…*hits refresh…headdesk* It’s nice, kind of earthy. I prefer it to the last one but have you done something to the font height? It feels like the letters are squashed…or that could just be lack of sleep.

  17. Jordie said:

    I did not say laws should never, EVER be questioned, that’s splitting hairs a bit — my point was just that I find it odd that you would question the way the law says criminals should be processed. What if he is released and decides that he might try his luck with armed burglary? You never know, do you? Of course, if the law said convicted felons should do a jig on a table, that would be silly, but I think it’s reasonable to ask for a blood sample, regardless of the crime. Nothing is wrong with precautions.

  18. Jim said:

    Surprisingly I *know* this guy. We used to be in the same AOL “hacking” scene in the mid to late 90s. I know it sounds odd that they’d request a DNA sample, but it’s the way the judicial system works. As a whole the American judicial system believes that a person who warrants a felony conviction has a higher probability of reoffending, so the DNA becomes required to be a more indepth fingerprint. On a side note, this dude is a media whore to the max. His crimes consisted of little more than running ProxyHunter on different IP ranges, and then using the proxies it found to access their Intranet. That would have been fine and dandy and maybe got his a slap on the wrist, if he didn’t use LexisNexis to pull info on celebrities…which costs money. *twirls finger.*

  19. Jem said:

    Jordie: the point is, he offered hair and fingernails which you can also pull DNA from. Why *must* it be a blood sample?

  20. Claire said:

    Completely unrelated to the DNA palaver: Congratulations Jem for making what I spent hours failing miserably at look soooo easy ;) (a liquid/elastic layout that works in IE) If you weren’t so nice, I swear I’d hate you… Instead, I will swallow my wounded pride and vow to try better next time and not give up so easily…

  21. Jem said:

    I’d point out that it only took about 15 minutes to make but you’d only hate me more. ;) You’re free to take my stylesheet for educational purposes if you wish, and if you ever get stuck you can always email me. I’m more than willing to lend my wisdom out, heh.

  22. Niu said:

    Right, I looked it up. Blood is used because it provides a high quality and high quantity of DNA. Apparantly, the next best things are Buccal swabs (swabbing the inner cheek a la CSI) but these must be sealed and tested within 30 days (can’t see how that would be a problem unless they’re keeping the actual blood on file). Copying and pasting here: Trying to retrieve DNA from hair shafts is difficult and time consuming and could add costs to any tests. – We all know the government doesn’t like to spend xtra cash, especially not on cons.

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